Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

My eye recently got pulled towards "Reflections". A photo series by Tom Hussey, where he portrays the elderly as they reflect on their younger selves in the mirror. This is a wonderfully done series that gives you pause to think, about the passage of time and the lives we are living.

via [WallToWatch]
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Carolyn Bogdan's picture

absolutely beautiful!!!

Zelda's picture

I wish I had a mirror like that!

Chrystine Holcomb's picture

Love... Especially the last one. <3

Carol Roberts's picture

I often look at photos of a younger is a thoughtful moment. Sometimes very happy and others wondering at how much I seem to have lost and in other ways gained. An interesting project..

Constance Rawlins's picture

Love this idea, and done so beautifully.

Toni Young-Miller's picture

I love this......nicely done!

Thomas_Outt's picture

Will simply repeat one that was perfectly written, thoughtful & beautifully done---if we live long enough, we will be there one way or another.

Chapped's picture

Love to ask the elderly where they lived as a child and what their Mother/Father did for a living. Sometimes produces some amazing stories. Look into the eyes. They don't wrinkle. Same eyes that looked up at their parents with as a 5 year old.

Steven Springer's picture

Thoughtful, brilliant, poignant.

rick porter's picture

Some of the best images & concept that I have ever seen.

Cathy Jordan Louis's picture

Beautifully done and very moving. Interesting choices in models and careers shown.

Laure Olson's picture

It's been happening to me. And in your mind's eye.

Summersunshine's picture

Thank you for these stunning & thought provoking photographs. Summersunshine

ADcalgary's picture

Beautifully done ! Deeply emotionally gripping. Thank you!

Cait Lin's picture

This is beautiful.

Carolyn Bon's picture

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these Ladies and Gentlemen are beyond Beauty.Thank You and Very Well Done.

Archies_Boy's picture

Wonderful! Fabulous! This is one of the finest uses of the photographic medium I've ever seen.

Emily's picture

Nice, although I'm really not crazy about the fact that the men all are looking at themselves as the young professionals they once were, while most of the women are just reflecting on how beautiful they used to be. Only one woman had a professional version of herself reflected back. When I'm 80 years old, reflecting back, the person I want to see isn't just some pretty face, but a capable, strong woman who made something with her life.

Jim Lucovitz's picture

Nice, Professional.....

Nysi Taylor's picture

Beautifully true perspicuity in self perspective of human nature! I work with the elderly in several settings also hospice and I always try to see people as they see themselves.

Danielle Lee Todd's picture

Love this...reminds me of my Grandparents.

Trenton Meador's picture

Amazing idea! Totally want to try this concept.

Sally Hutcheson's picture

wonderfully done we sometimes forget that the Elderly use to be us that why I hate it when young people treat the elderly like their stupid or calling them honey and sweetie it's so demeaning

gabriel's picture

great job on this one! very interesting.

LaRee Combs Glasgow's picture

Poetic. I have a basketful of adjectives I'm tempted to use here but for me, poetic says it perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

Gabriel Conners's picture

Beautiful, thought-provoking, reflective... Simply delightful, thank you!

Rosaileen Diaz's picture

Wow! Beautiful work!

Paula Harding's picture

I'm always surprised when I see my reflection now - who the hell is that middle aged woman? My Dad heard me and said the same thing (he is 84 now) oddly enough when i think of him it is when he is young and vice a verse I suppose.

Texsheva's picture

So, so true as we get older. Inside, we still feel like the youth we once were....I'm always shocked when I see myself in a mirror while out and about. These are a wonderful 'reflection' of how we feel. Thank you!

Joan Dijohn Lowry's picture

Hi, i am speechless. Simply beautiful and so touching.

Amy Kammerer's picture

beautifully lit, and emotionally poignant. congrats and thank you!

Heather Milkman's picture

Absolutely the most precious things I have seen. People forget we are not born old. We were vital in the world once.

Tim Osborn's picture

How/where can I have one of these made for my dad? He's 70 yrs old now and a picture of him looking at himself in his Navy uniform 50 yrs ago would be a gift I'm sure he'd love. Any guidance would be very much appreciated!! Thank you!!

ThePeopleofDetroit's picture

Great series. Even still, it makes me a little sad. I guess thinking about one's mortality tends to do that. - Noah

Dawn Jones's picture

Oh yes it is wonderfully done, very moving actually...

gotnotruck's picture


Abraham Gonzalez-soto's picture

All that past is what you are.Thanks God for it.

Natural Death Centre's picture

a most stunning series of photographs and so powerful

JoinedUpThinking's picture Reminds me so much of Kate's Poem Thank you....a fantastic idea!

Susan Ellen MacGregor's picture

I have no pictures of my grandmother as a girl, teenager or young woman. Is there a process to do this so my father can see what his mother looked like when she was young? Susan

Susan Ellen MacGregor's picture

I am new here. I am wondering if there's a way to take the picture of my father's mother (my Dad is 90 now), and find out what my Grandma looked like when she was young. This would be for my father, as there are no picture of her as a young woman or girl. Is there a way to do this?

LaToya Gail's picture

Absolutely love this .. Would it be ok to use some of the images for my thesis book. I will give photo credit!