Side by side Comparison of iPhone's 4S & Canon 5D Mark II's Video

Likely not the first and definitely not going to be the last, this clip shows the video quality of iPhone's new 4S in tandem with Canon's 5D Mark II. Sadly there is no sound in this video and I would've liked to have seen some close ups of people in this comparison but it's interesting enough for a quick look. I love shooting with all sorts of cameras and have no doubt the latest iPhone will be worth the upgrade for the camera alone. In fact I was at the 5th Ave Apple Store on friday with one in hand, at the check out, when they asked, "What are the last four digits of your social security number?" Sadly being a shiny new American resident, I didn't know and had to walk away empty handed. Maybe I'll go back today. Wish me luck.

via [RobinoFilms]
From Kenn:
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Mike Folden's picture

Wow! That's pretty incredible. It would in no way replace the 5dmk2 but the quality is incredible! 


Johan Boberg's picture

iPhone 4S has a nice tone to it. But it looks like the canon captures shadow details better. overall it seems to over expose slightly. iPhone is clearly wider angle than 50mm, more like 28mm (equivalent) i would say.

come on, guys... do you realize what you are comparing...? :)
...but I have to addmit... apple did realy great job... :)

Sony sensor inside :-)

romain VERNEDE's picture

What's the need to always compare carrots and potatoes???

Robert Simpson's picture

Because that's a top-shelf potato, and the carrot goes in your back pocket and makes phone calls? ...maybe. The thing I can't get over is that neither of these is a video camera. One's a DSLR that does video, and the other is a cell-phone-come-portable-computer that does video. In that sense, the comparison is very fair since it's more like comparing apples to oranges .... at the grapefruit fair!

Gary Meyer's picture

At first I laughed a little at what I thought was a pretty useless comparison.  But now I find that I am surprised by the quality of the iPhone footage.  Not that I would trade a 5dMKII for an iPhone, but in a pinch, it would work.

Lee Morris's picture

Wait, you can lock the exposure?? FINALLY! I have been waiting for this feature since the phone came out. If you guys want to see a full screen example of the iphone at work check this out.

Anonymous's picture

I'll worry when it takes a better photo

Howell, Photography's picture

Very interesting.. I'd love to see some comparisons on closer up work with faces etc...Simply amazing what's coming out fo the iPhone these days!

Patrick Hall's picture

Your top priority is to start memorizing your SSN Kenn! Start with the last four and then work your way up :) I hear your 15th birthday is a pretty special occasion!

Michael Turcotte's picture

I am the only one who is wondering why they wanted your SSN? The only people that need you SSN are the IRS (and those that report to them) and financial transaction subject to federal Customer Identification Program rules (US PATRIOT act). Is it any wonder identity theft is on the rise?

Except for the scan lines in LED sign the video is pretty good. I like the warmer look of the iPhone. 

Which TV show will be the first shot on an iPhone?

Kenn Tam's picture

When I set up with AT&T they took it and now the last 4 digits are the only identifier they accept when it comes to getting hardware upgrades. Lame, huh?

Blake Britton's picture

It would be nice to have the comparison video clip in HD as well as having both the iPhone 4S and 5DMkII set at the same angle, unless you do that, my Droid Bionic will take video that looks as good as the 5D and iPhone 4S.

Majeed Khan's picture

Lee Morris,
You can also lock the exposure with the current iPhone model, just update your software to iOS 5.

iPhone makes great video, but with DSLR you can change lenses :o)

James's picture

Hands up if what you really want to see is the
Iphone 4S vs Epic 

Anonymous's picture

Pan the camera quickly and see what happens...jelly shutter in action on the iphone.

Bas ter Beek's picture

I'm kind of surprised with the dynamic range on the iPhone. I thought it'd differ alot with the 5D, but it didn't....

Mbutu Namubu's picture

video killed the radio star

DSLR amateurs killed professional film photographers

Iphones are gonna kill the DSLR amateur

it's evolution baby

Zee Ali's picture

Are you kidding? All the videos were shot outdoors from large outdoor scenes.  Let's see a close up of a moving subject in low light and see how the iPhone compares

Eric C. Gould's picture

I would like to see some close-up and skin tone examples. And also how well the auto focus works. 

Mr Blah's picture

In the "land of the free", you need a social security number to buy a phone. This is outrageous, but then again you unfortunatly have your fair share of privacy invasion... sad. (i didn't want to start a riot so I apologize if said riot occurs anyway!)

Shane Stiles's picture

I am amazed by the quality of video and stills that come out of the iPhone 4s.  Knowing the limitations of your equipment is the sign of a true aficionado.  I am surprised how well the iPhone did in the high dynamic range scenes.  Truly impressive and you can call someone to tell them about it.