Skin Tight Color: Creating Sculpture from Photography

Skin Tight Color: Creating Sculpture from Photography

French advertising/still life photographer Julien Palast wrapped models in vibrant colors to eliminating details such as hair, skin and eye color to allow viewers to focus on the subject's various shapes, curves and contours. As a result, looking at these portraits are more akin to looking at sculpture.

via [MyModernMet]

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AMAZING. I mean we've seen such tricks plenty of times, but it still amaze me how GOOd the human body can look, specially when you only keep the outline of it...

Also, i'm sure there is a Han solo/carbonite joke in here somewhere... ;)

What kind of material is this?

Lucas Chung's picture

its looks like either Rubber or latex.

a little like Patrick McGoohan in "The Prisoner"

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 it's a bit freaky a horror movie...

It's mostly likely Rubber, the device looks like a Vacbed.

I love the style but I'm not so sure about some of the specular highlights.

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this was done using a latex fetish device it is two 4x8 (approx) pieces of latex stretched over the same frame with a sealable opening to let you get inside, then has a vacuum port to let you suck all the air out.  saw it on an episode of "hardcore pawn," unfortunately.  i need to stop watching trash on TV. 

These images are fantastic. Great use of colour and texture.