Surreal Landscape Photography

Surreal Landscape Photography

Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé is turning out some interesting landscape photography using a 1x1 meter, suspended, glowing square. And it's worth noting that Benoit's images are not Photoshopped.
Benoit Paillé:
"I hate lanscape. So I decide to stage my own vision of lanscape. I create an art light installation for poetic space/time purpose...

...This is a photography of light installation (real light, real square 1x1 meter) I set in nature or where during the night you have usually no lightning, I try to redefine the space/landscape for my own purpose: create a poetic space/time moment. And questioning the reality of what is a landscape."

via [Colossal]
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".... i hate lanscape. So I decide to stage my own vision of lanscape. I create an art light installation for poetic space/time purpose....."

what is lanscape.. or does he means he hates landscapes?

what a sad guy would hate landscapes?

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Quite boring if you ask me. 

Mike Macak's picture

How does he suspend them without having visible means of doing so?

its a magic ritual process, invented in the lands of Africa, called Photoshopium

It said that they aren't photoshopped. -_-'

magicians used to do everything with ropes. since ropes or cables can't be seen anywhere, I for one, can't seem to figure out anyother technique.

Jackson Henney's picture

 Fishing Line or something thereabouts?

Its a Timelapse with some sort of smaller light source.
You can see the individual flare from a torch or such item in some of the pictures.

JimmySchaefer's picture

It's interesting if your looking at it from outside the box, meaning the photos look good other then that ugly light box in the middle. 

" And questioning the reality of what is a landscape"

Not this.

Elliott Montello's picture

Real interesting project! Reminds me of something from the film "where the wilds things are" :)

Christopher Cooke's picture

that square does nothing for the image at all. HOWEVER i can see these being used for some type of commercial campaign for a company with a square logo.

Nicholas's picture

I particularly like the 4th one down, the dirt hill, as well as the final image. I like mix of landscape and abstract photography. What saves it from being gimmicky, is the consistency in the composition. The light is framing the landscape, and what the viewer witnesses is how it does. 

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Benoit's other projects are way more interesting than this one.

It does light the scene differently, but there is still the issue of having a big white ugly blob in the middle, which is where I am stuck with how I feel with these photos.

To me this isn't even landscape to begin with... it's closer to "tree portrait"...

Not winning me over....

Benoit has much more interesting projects than that.
By the way, this is photoshopped, he is well known for his photoshopping skills.

I think this is very interesting and I would rather hang this on my wall before something along the lines of a traditional landscape. It is interesting in a way that makes me thing, whats going on there? Almost makes think of about aliens. I don't know why.

Travis Dewitz 

I think it's incredible work. I'm on the same page as him, I hate shooting landscapes. I just get overwhelmed and prefer to enjoy them 'live.' I also would rather hang these on my wall than a traditional landscape ANY DAY. I think they're just amazing. Way to think outside the box (hehe)

Nothing new!
The real question is - who was first> Benoit or Leonid?? Just check this out people:

Yeah... not really the same at all in terms of final effect. 

Much more interesting!!!!

Very cool Janis. The addition of people really adds to the image and gives it a different feel. Not quite as mysterious feeling. I like both but for different reasons.

Travis Dewitz

Cool! Minecraft sunset.

My Interior Design teacher used to pound into us, " Just because it is different doesn't make it good!"
I wonder if partly he fell into wanting to capture something very difficult to get?  I do that sometimes.  I want to photograph it because I can't even though it may not be that interesting. 

i think it's interesting!

I think it is landscape with artistic view.

Yair Haim

they are the truest sense of environmental portraits... I enjoy them but would much more greatly enjoy them if the light was fired into the scene and not be part of the scene.  

very poetic ... very interesting ... a mixture of light painting and landscape.

I applaud him for thinking outside the box (pun intended) and doing something different instead of going with the masses. It might not be what most qualify as a landscape, or fine art for that matter, but everyone is a critic, and art  is really seen from the perspective of each viewer, some like it some don't.
There was an effort put into this also, planned shoot, carrying gear to location, set up. etc. Just something to keep in mind, before you hate on someone who is being ACTIVE about their creativity.

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