TSA Starts Instagram Account of Crazy Contraband

TSA Starts Instagram Account of Crazy Contraband

Social media being the powerhouse of outreach that it is, it only stands to reason that generating unique sharable content is THE way to get attention today. The TSA has taken heed in a unique way and started an Instagram account to build awareness of what it deals with. Back in 2008 they opted to start their outreach with a blog to discuss changes in the ever-evolving security industry. Each week they would publish a list of confiscated items as well.

Now that idea has extended to actual images of the craziness they encounter, and promptly confiscate. The account was just started a month ago but already we see items like disassembled hand grenades, a bayonet, small handguns (modern and vintage), a credit card knife, and a stun gun disguised as a cigarette pack.


The important thing to note here is that field agents are not the ones taking the time to photograph and post these items from the x-ray line. This is done by the TSA Office of Public Affairs.

Check out the TSA Instagram feed here

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Will they also post shots of them harrasing people, groping women and children and radiating people?

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that will probably be a separate instagram account... lol

Tell me about it!!

Came back from Denver to montreal (via Toronto) and simply because I had forgotten a few quarters (like 3...) in my back pocket, it (apparently) triggers full body pad (or pat?) down and "paper swipe" of my entire luggage.

DON'T leave ANYTHING in your back pockets ever. All this for .75$...

I'm canadian for christ sake. chances of me being a terrorists are slimmer than Obama admitting fault in the NSA debacle...

EDIT: also, WHY would those people think they could sneek this in the airport. I mean all those people didn't have intentions (my guess) do they?

It's a desensitization thing...Americans are rarely aware that their country transformed from a beacon of world freedom to a sinister police state, putting hands down their pants and browsing through their inboxes...

USA hasn't been a properly free country since it's creation to be fair.

Slavery, segregation, hate on LGBT, repression of the freedom of religion, rigged elections, oil wars, last modern country to get "proper" medicaid (proper being loooooosely used here)...

The Us has got some AMAZING publicists though...

More kabuki theater to justify the police state. Happy Dependence Day!

I'm left wondering what the focus of this blog is. Is it anything of which a photograph gets taken? That seems to be fairly broad subject matter. Sometimes this blog had very informative and photography-focused content and other times it seems to be absolutely anything goes fill up the pages with pointless crap. Roll the dice and what do we have today?

How do we even know it's stuff they confiscated?
Could just be fake "marketing" material to convince the US people that we need to increase the size of the Multi-Billion dollar TSA department :-P