Two Fall to Deaths at Yosemite's Taft Point, Site of Viral Photo

Two Fall to Deaths at Yosemite's Taft Point, Site of Viral Photo

Two visitors to Yosemite National Park's Taft Point fell to their deaths Thursday at the scenic spot where a photographer recently captured a viral photo of a couple getting engaged, according to the National Park Service. 

Taft Point happens to be same spot where photographer Matthew Dippel captured a mystery couple getting engaged (safely) on October 6. 

Details of Thursday's tragedy are still sparse, as the National Parks Service hasn't yet identified the male and female victims, nor have they released details surrounding the cause of the fall. The incident remains under investigation and no photos have been released. 

Dippel, whose image went viral last week when he used Twitter to begin a search for the couple, noted at the time, there were two dozen people gathered at the point, including three or four bride and groom couples with photographers getting ready for post-nuptial photoshoots. 

Taft Point provides dramatic views of some of Yosemite Valley's iconic spots, including El Capitan. The point has some railings, but much of it is open, allowing visitors to step right to the edge of the precipitous drop. 

Lead image used with permission by Daniil Vnoutchkov via Unsplash. 

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user-208255's picture

My attitude is closer to 'you people were stupid. Play stupid game, play stupid prizes'.

However, noting the outrage of the respondents to your comment, I'll quote from the movie Collateral:

"Vincent: Max, six billion people on the planet, you're getting bent out of shape cause of one fat guy.

Max: Well, who was he?

Vincent: What do you care? Have you ever heard of Rwanda?

Max: Yes, I know Rwanda.

Vincent: Well, tens of thousands killed before sundown. Nobody's killed people that fast since Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Did you bat an eye, Max?

Max: What?

Vincent: Did you join Amnesty International, Oxfam, Save the Whales, Greenpeace, or something? No. I off one fat Angelino and you throw a hissy fit.

Max: Man, I don't know any Rwandans.

Vincent: You don't know the guy in the trunk, either."

Brian Pernicone's picture

I mean, I guess to a sociopathic hitman, that all makes sense.

user-208255's picture

The logic is impeccable. I don't know those people.

However, feel free to feel empethetic pain for everyone; it will cripple you.

Brian Pernicone's picture

“Must only have empathy for those I know or be crippled” is an interesting outlook.

user-208255's picture

I've interviewed a significant number of emergency services workers who have PTSD because they can't turn it off.

Your irrationality is not my defect.

Brian Pernicone's picture

Thankfully, I do not suffer from PTSD nor am I crippled by my ability to feel empathy for others. I appreciate your concern for my “defect.” Somehow, I’ll carry on.

I’d be interested to read your articles about the first responders with PTSD, though. Do you have links? I’m genuinely curious to read them.

user-208255's picture

My product is confidential (and fully identified), so I don't. From a lay perspective they are pretty dry reading in any case.

Hahaha that was a crazy movie! Decent ending, too.

What a gut-wrenching tragedy. I am a fearless rock climber, and yet I'm still terrified of standing next to sheer cliffs without any safety precautions. No thanks, not interested! Sheer cliffs and 1,000+ ft drops are no joke, people!

I've been to similar spots many times, and while the images may depict a nonchalant attitude at times, I'm extremely nervous, and I try to always convey the importance of safety in the captions of my images. In this context, of course, I think it goes without saying.

Stay safe, folks!

I'm not surprised. People forget that cameras don't make them invincible. I've seen people do really dangerous things to get a shot.

user-208255's picture

If people do not realize that they need to excercise extreme caution when standing on the edge of a cliff, it is perhaps not such a bad thing that they are no longer in the gene pool.

amanda daniels's picture

Wow, that is a bit cold, don't you think? While of course I agree with you and people should be using extreme caution and I myself would never put myself or clients in danger to get an image, still feel your comment is a bit harsh. We all make mistakes and this one cost them their life. They don't get the chance to not make the same mistake twice.

user-208255's picture

Yeah, I suppose that it is not common knowledge that if you fall off a high cliff you will likely die...

amanda daniels's picture

No, it is. Just thought you were a bit harsh that's all.