[Video] Judge Brown Tears Cheap Wedding Photog a New One

[Video] Judge Brown Tears Cheap Wedding Photog a New One

I have to say up front I'm a little ashamed at posting this. I don't watch American trash TV or "reality TV", in fact, I don't even have cable. My TV is reserved for my PS3, Wii, Netflix and avi files. But when I saw this video of Judge Joe Brown ripping this professional wedding photographer a new one I couldn't help but chuckle at this ridiculous exchange. I apologize ahead of time for all the stupid in this video but there is a lot to say about this one so...

via [KEHBlog]
From Kenn:
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Damon L. Thomas's picture

These comments are as entertaining as the clip.

How do I hire this Judge Brown to come with me to client meetings?

Brandy Fortune's picture

lol andy!

Isn't Ken Rockwell able to use a kit lens and a d40 for wedding photo's?

But in any case, let's not forget that the equipment consumers use nowadays are still far superior from the camera's Adam Ansel used in his days. In the end, let's not forget, we remember the name of the photographer, not the camera make and model.

Ken Rockwell is Ken Rockwell. :-P
However, I seriously doubt he ever pulled that stunt himself! :-D I bet he goes armed with his D700 or 5D* and a couple of f/2.8 zooms. :-P

john pritchett's picture

The judge is an idiot. His ignorance shows in his stupid comments about needing expensive cameras to do a good job. Expensive cameras in the hands of an amateur still produce amateur results.