Video Shows Photographer Falling Off Super Bowl Stage and Fracturing Spine While Player Looks On

Video Shows Photographer Falling Off Super Bowl Stage and Fracturing Spine While Player Looks On

The Los Angeles Rams recently won the Super Bowl and held a victory celebration this past Wednesday. During the party, a photographer accidentally fell 10 feet off the stage and fractured her spine, with the Rams' star quarterback, Matthew Stafford, showing a curious lack of concern. 

The photographer, Kelly Smiley, works for the Rams and other areas sports teams. It appears that Kelly Stafford, the wife of Matthew, handed her phone to Smiley to capture a picture of the couple, and as she was backing up to frame the shot, she stepped backward off the stage, falling 10 feet to the sidewalk below, damaging her equipment and fracturing her spine in the process.

While both Matthew and Kelly Stafford were both clearly startled, only Kelly showed concern in checking on Smiley, while Matthew appeared to mouth "oh my god" or a similar exclamation and casually turned his back on the situation without even motioning for help. 

While it's extremely unfortunate that Smiley suffered a severe injury in the fall, thankfully, after the bad press, the Staffords announced they would be covering her medical bills. A GoFundMe was also created in her name and collected almost $50,000 in 24 hours. 

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

That dude just walked away after seeing her fall. Literally seeing her fall in front of him. What a prick.

Stuart C's picture

She fractured her spine, he didn’t have one to fracture.

Jacques Cornell's picture

No link to the video.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

The tweet is embedded in the article. Here's the direct link:

Jacques Cornell's picture

Ah, thanks.

Jacques Cornell's picture

Next time he goes down on the field, he'd better pray that everyone there isn't like him.

dale clark's picture

Well at least Kelly "Look at me" Stafford appeared a bit concerned

Astro Bot's picture

A professional football player is a complete heartless jock a-hole? Huh, go figure.

David Moore's picture

this lol

Gary Halcon's picture

I was going to give him a benefit of a doubt for possibly helping out after the video ended. But the fact that he just turned around and continued drinking his water is just heartless.

Momchil Yordanov's picture

Well, Stafford declared he would be covering her medical bills. Maybe he didn't have the best reaction at the time, but better late than never...

Alex Herbert's picture

And this is what we call 'optics'

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Because the video went viral.

Steve Powell's picture

A number of Ram’s players, including Stafford, were either drinking, or were drunk. I guess public intoxication laws only apply to the poor.

an pham's picture

Nah screw this lady. She is a real piece of shit and probably had it coming to her.

Steve Powell's picture

So you got your feelings hurt.