Wedding Couple Demands a Refund After Their Photographer Expresses Support for Black Lives Matter on Instagram

Wedding Couple Demands a Refund After Their Photographer Expresses Support for Black Lives Matter on Instagram

A wedding photographer has received a demand for a refund from a couple after she posted her support for the Black Lives Matter movement on social media. The couple claimed that they would be too embarrassed to have her photograph their big day.

According to Insider, Cincinnati-based photographer Shakira Rochelle had taken a deposit to shoot the wedding of a couple (who remain anonymous). After making a post to Instagram expressing her support of the Black Lives Matter movement, she received a message from the bride stating that they would be "embarrassed" to have her at the ceremony and now wanted a refund.

The text message explained that the couple could not “support anyone who is outspoken on matters that simply do not concern them, as well as someone that does not believe that ALL lives matter.”

Rochelle replied explaining that she would not return the nonrefundable deposit and implied that the money would be donated to a Black Lives Matter organization. She told reporters that she later gave $160 to the NAACP.

In response, Rochelle was informed that the couple’s attorney would be in touch, though given that there was a written contract, it seems unlikely that legal proceedings will go ahead.

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I don't like politics on a photography form, but from what I read thus far it's the only place where you can give your opinion without radicals screaming in your face to shut you up just because you don't agree with them. You know WHO you are!

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Boycott fstoppers. I've been seeing more and more of these posts that are clearly designed to get a reaction in the comments section. You got your Bernie Bros and Lawrence S's trolling like they're guests on fox news. enough is enough. Clearly they are helping fstoppers get clicks and engagement numbers to go up. Don't expect fstoppers to cancel any of these trolls anytime soon. solution: get your photo news elsewhere and lets this rotten wound of a website fester.

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FStoppers writes something which you disagree with, hence, thus, and therefore, we ought to spend our time/money somewhere else? Did I get that right?

In this case, we have NO contract with FStoppers that stops us from cancelling at anytime, and we gave them no deposit/retainer/booking fee. Sure. Unlike the client in question, we are free to cancel….

But something seems so familiar. I just cannot put a finger on it.

P.s., it has been ten hours, and your account is still active. Just saying. ;-)

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It's not about fstoppers writing something I disagree with. Fstoppers clearly publishes articles that are play into the culture wars that dominate mainstream media and politics and that are dividing this country.

If fstoppers publishes an article about why mirrorless cameras are better in every way than DSLRs and I disagree, that's fine. But articles that seem pulled out of a FoxNews/MSNBC segment are clearly intended to create engagement on the comments sections that center around people's political and social beliefs and have little or nothing to do with photography.

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How dare Fstoppers allow free speech in the comment section. The outrage! The horror! The...American spirit? To use such inappropriate and harsh language towards this website for the sheer crime of not meddling more in the comment section is a bit odd. Maybe vote their comments down or respond when you see signs of racism and whatnot - but to call this a "rotten wound of a website" is like full psycho mode.

Instead of lashing out at a medium because you struggle with handling emotional discomfort, I'd suggest you look for ways to deal with what is clearly a personal issue.

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The BLM movement isn't always seen as a "just" or "righteous" movement by many.. including some members of the black community. If you want to take a political stance, be ready to feel some possible resistance from some of your clients. I've spoken out in the past on issues and my business has seen a drop and many have been very vocal on my political views being the reason they won't hire me.

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Good for the sensible patriotic couple! BLACK LIVES MATTER is a domestic extortionist terrorist group. Some of it's prominent members have recently declared,We are trained MARXISTS.It's ultimate goal is a socialist or communist government in the U.S. It has a global reach and is involved with many socialist entities worldwide. Those who take it for a social justice group should investigate it's relationships with shadowy questionable groups and individuals.