6 Wacky Ways To Supercharge Your Creativity To Become A Better Photographer

6 Wacky Ways To Supercharge Your Creativity To Become A Better Photographer

Creativity is the core building block of every great photographer. Those who know how to foster and stimulate the power of their creativity often can enjoy a tremendous boost in their work. Some methods such as listening to music or getting hammered are pretty common knowledge but there are also an endless collection of somewhat less orthodox methods that are also worth giving a whirl!

Stand On Your Head!

There have been a variety of studies that show tremendous potential benefit from doing a handstand. Magazines and fitness experts often cite the benefits of inverting the body ranging from increased concentration/focus to more energy and alleviation of depression due to how it helps your body circulate more oxygen to your brain. Plaid Zebra Magazine even reports that it can have positive impact on your sex life! All of which help you become a better photographer. (Except maybe that last one)

Note: Be careful! Toppled handstands can end rather unfortunately.

Take A Nap

WebMD reports that a quick twenty minute power nap can increase alertness, boost memory, and enhance creativity. Compared to reaching for the coffee taking a quick power nap before your next shoot might help keep your mind at its most creative, even if you had to burn the midnight oil working on photos the night before. 

Note: Alarms are an invaluable tool of the trade for the experienced power napper, as are cuddly blankets.

Work In the Dark

Several studies have shown that by working in dim or dark conditions test subjects consistently had increased creative productivity and performance. Psychological evaluation of the tests suggested that being in a dim or dark atmosphere promoted the feeling of being “free” which is what is cited as the reason for the boost creative performance. 

Note: Some light is recommended. When used in conjunction with the previous tip there is an increased risk of a huge loss in productivity.

Look At Something Blue

A 2009 study from the University of British Columbia found that when looking at blue objects and packaging test subjects experienced an increase in creative and imaginative thinking. Theoretically because we associate “blue” with openness, opportunity, etc. Conversely when looking at red objects or packaging the same subjects experienced an increase in attention to detail.

Note: Walking around looking up at the sky may seem like a great way to get some blue into your day but just be prepared that concussions tend to reverse any benefit that gazing into the blue yonder might inadvertently cause. Personally, I prefer to head to the nearest mirror and stare into the effervescent beauty of my sapphire eyes.

Use Both Hands When Discussing Creative Ideas

Another study found that when discussing openly the act of gesturing with both hands triggers the brain to consider the topic from a greater number of perspectives thus increasing its ability to consider creative alternatives.

Note: Be mindful where you are swinging your arms when in the heat of a passionate conversation or you may "inspire" your colleagues into creative retribution.


William Fry, a professor at Stanford University and expert in the effects of humor reported that humor and creativity are often very similar processes within the brain. Fry suggests that as they both involve finding a connection between two items that normally do not have an obvious relation that the act of experiencing one can augment our ability to experience the other.

Note: My favorite place to get a good chuckle is by heading over to The Oatmeal or HISHE for a few minutes of glorious insanity.

So Get Out There And Get More Creative!

What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present! Take steps to boost your creativity right now! But before you do share some of your favorite creativity boosting tips in the comments below!

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Chelsey Rogers's picture

Gonna decorate the office in Blue now!

Miles Bergstrom's picture

I don't think I can stand on my head. However, the attempts will cause others around me to laugh. Thus promoting creativity.

Rose Smart's picture

Thanks. Weird tips to my mind, however, looking at something blue might work. )) I have sometimes creativity issues and the best solution for enhancing creativity is to take a nap. It increases alertness, boosts memory even better than brain pills, which I used to take as well. But it's better to improve your brain and memory naturally. Here cool tips https://www.smartpillwiki.com/improve-memory/ And your creativity will come.

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