Declutter Your Email Inbox Using This Free Useful Tool

Declutter Your Email Inbox Using This Free Useful Tool

Wouldn't it be nice if you could open your inbox and not have to worry about sorting through all the spam to get to the messages that you actually want to read? About 6 months ago I learned of a tool that has been helping me do just that. The tool allows me to unsubscribe from emails with one click and combine all the other commercial emails (the ones I actually want to read) into one easy to read digest without all the clutter in my inbox. A true game changer for my email.

The tool is called I am sure many will think this is some kind of paid endorsement. Rest assured it's not. It truly has been one of the most useful tools in my business over the last six months in helping me save time therefore making it something I wanted to share with the readers here. Studies have shown that email spam makes up about 45% of all the messages we receive. That number is probably even higher for many of us. Buried deep inside our inbox we'll find the message from a client, or inquiry for our services. The problem is they can get lost easily with everything else coming in on a daily basis. was developed to help you gain back control of your inbox and only see the messages that are most important to you. Take just a minute to watch their video about the service.

After signing up for the company filtered through my inbox and showed me a list of a emails it felt were commercial related or spam. Rather than having to try and figure out how to unsubscribe to each company I was able to click just one button on the digest of emails and they would do all the work for me making sure I get unsubscribed. In addition to that, instead of receiving multiple subscription emails throughout the day, you receive just one. The "Rollup" combines your selected subscriptions and organizes them into one convenient daily digest email.

Currently the tool only supports Gmail and Yahoo but they are working on adding additional email services. What I love about it though is that it is not taking the emails out of my inbox to be gone forever. Rather when an email comes in that it detects is a commercial email it will add it to the "Rollup" digest and then mark the email as read and move it to an "Unroll.Me" folder in my Gmail inbox. By doing this all for me it has made my inbox not so full of clutter and made it easier for me to see the important messages instead. At anytime you can also tell the program to add additional emails (that maybe it didn't pick up initially) or even remove emails from it's filters so those go direct to your inbox instead.

Ultimately the program has helped me manage all the inbox clutter and unsubscribe to emails much easier than before thereby helping me manage my time a lot more efficiently. Go check it out for yourself at or visit their Facebook page. Here's to many years of a clutter-free inbox. Oh, and did I mention it's FREE!

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Jeroen Rommelaars's picture

Isnt that a tiny little bit like...uhm, gmail itself? With its labels, spamfilter, ability to (mostly) press unsubscribe on any newsletter (wait, isnt that unsubscribe button manditory these days?)

Mike Kelley's picture

One weird tip discovered by a blasters will HATE you!

Vinh Le's picture is kinda the same thing

SPG _'s picture

There's lots of ways to do this without extra software too...
-Set up another email account just for newsletters, lists, and signing up for anything commercial. Keep this account only on your computer, and not your phone.
-On a mac, use the Rules in Mail to sort those commercial and low priority messages into their own folders.
Voila! You now have an inbox of only real email and all the other crap is in a folder that you can check at your convenience.

olivier borgognon's picture

Great one. Used it on a junk email box which i use for "non friends" and non business emails... but still loading up for nothing. went from loads of emails a day to quite a few less, and working my way through a few times to get rid of it. I say give it 1 week to get rid of most "spam" and crap mail, and start getting worried because you're not receiving emails anymore... a treat :)