Download and Retouch a Photo Nino Batista Shot in Miami

Download and Retouch a Photo Nino Batista Shot in Miami

I am calling this the "Dani Diamond Experiment", because he has done this before, and I thought the end results were fascinating. See, Dani's been known to offer a totally unedited raw file of an image he shot as a free download, asking photographers and retouchers to have a go at finalizing the shot however they see fit. Rather than specifically ask anyone to retouch the image in any particular style or use any particular workflow, the idea is to simply offer the raw file with no instructions beyond "Edit it!" and see what happens.

But like Dani, I am making the raw file available with a few rules, let's call them things to do, rather, to ensure that this little game has some semblance of structure. Oh, and it's a contest as well (kind of).

Thing To Do #1: Download the file.

You can do that by clicking here:  UPDATE: FILE HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED. I capped the submissions at 200, and we received that amount in just 4 days, and from 6 continents.  Thank you for all who submitted, and stay tuned for my next image retouch challenge soon!

I shot this during the late afternoon hours on April 3rd in Miami (South Pointe Park area), and yes, it was shot on a Canon 6D, not the Sony A7RII I've been known to use. As such, Canon haters can check your excuses at the door - just make it happen!

Thing To Do #2: Retouch the image to completion any way you see fit.

Final images that look like real effort was put into them will be considered far above "joke" submissions. This is a photography website, not Reddit, kids.

Thing To Do #3: Email me your final edit.

Please ensure your image is 2048 px long side, JPG format, and email it to me at Let me know your name and link to feature if your shot is selected. Ideally, send your shot to me before April 30, 2016. Bonus points* are awarded if you give me a few bullet points about your workflow (Lightroom, Capture One, Photoshop, plug-ins, Actions?) 

* these are totally made up points that mean nothing but hey it sounds good!

Thing To Do #4: Do not post your final image anywhere. Yet.

This includes in the comments on this article; just don't, ok? If you do, you will unfortunately negate your submission and you will draw the ire and scorn of a one Staci Renee. This is not recommended. On top of that, it wouldn't be cool or good form, dig? Let's have fun with this but still keep professional parameters in check!

Thing To Do #5: Watch to see if your final image is selected to be showcased by Staci and I.

As it happens, Staci Renee is the model in the image you're downloading, and she happens to be the cohost of my weekly web series and podcast. The Top 10 images (maybe more if submissions are in high volume) she and I pick will be featured here on an upcoming Fstoppers article of mine, where our Top 3 selected final works will be showcased on an episode of The Backyard on YouTube, announced and discussed by Staci herself. That episode should drop at the beginning of May, 2016. Should be fun to see your results!

Hey, don't download the shot above, ok? That's a 701px wide JPG, and not the raw. If you do, don't pretend you weren't told not to, groovy?

Happy retouching! 

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Nino Batista's picture

By the way, you are downloading a shot from this upcoming set, in case you're curious about my own take on the retouching approach...

Grant Schwingle's picture

Yes actually, I am. Assuming you will be sharing the set alongside the fan-edits?

Win Mag's picture

i just emailed my entry.:) lovely image Nino, i enjoyed editing it.:)

Brendan Baker's picture

Just submitted mine! Hope you enjoy!

Peter Timmer's picture

Sorry i can't help it, I had to do it.. I won't be competing but good luck to the people who are! :)

Jason Lorette's picture

Started editing mine last night...awesome idea! :)

Anonymous's picture

Since I see its from an upcoming set are you looking for us to decide on grading as well or just retouching?

Nino Batista's picture

Take it to completion any way you like!

Matteo Manganiello's picture

Just sent mine! Thanks for the challenge!

Rafael Orczy's picture

I just emailed you my retouched image. This "competition" is a great idea.

Jason Lorette's picture

Downloaded, edited, sent! :)

Phil Newton's picture

Awesome concept! As a novice retoucher I'll gladly participate for the practice. Cheers

Adam Svensson's picture

cool assignment! and sent!

Pedro Blanco's picture

Aw man I'm still working on it! Good practice I guess...

Nino Batista's picture

Go ahead and send it in, all good!

Pedro Blanco's picture

Awesome, I will finish it up this weekend and send it in. Thanks Nino!

Retouched image sent! Thanks! :)

Jason Lorette's picture

Nino...the suspense on both of these is killing me! lol...

Pedro Blanco's picture

Me too, I don't think the video has come out yet and were halfway through May!