Download This Incredible Color Management eBook by Datacolor for Free

Download This Incredible Color Management eBook by Datacolor for Free

Artists invariably love color, and artists using camera mediums are no different. However, for photographers and videographers, there is a foundational element of color in our work that is too often neglected: color management.

I've written myriad articles on color and the crucial role it plays in photography. I've even written on why a Datacolor Spyder monitor calibration tool ought to be top of your shopping list. The reason I am so persistent is twofold: I see people with technically great imagery but imperfect color representation and I used to neglect color myself. That is, I cared about the colors in my images and often used complementary colors, but I took calibration, color management, and color grading very lightly. That might lower the number of likes you get, it might lower the amount of praise you get, and it may be doing your work a disservice, but moreover, it could well be costing you clients or sales.

If you look at any advertising campaign (print or digital), magazine spreads, or the work of the world's top photographers in any genre, the colors are perfect. It's not a cherry on top of great work; it is a fundamental part of it. So, when Datacolor let me know they were releasing a full ebook on color management for photographers and videographers, I was all ears. Now, you might be skeptical about my praise for Datacolor as I use their products (though I bought and paid for them and I am not am ambassador) and I've written sponsored content for them before. But they are objectively one of the industry leaders of color calibration and management and their expertise is, therefore, valuable. Despite its value, this ebook is free. All you have to do is sign up with your email, and you'll get a new chapter every three weeks.

One area the first chapter discusses is the exact reason I used to put out images with a tint when I was still reasonably new to photography: color constancy. Here's an excerpt from chapter one of the ebook on the subject:

Finally, it is important to keep in mind the color constancy phenomenon. You'll notice how fast your eye compensates for color casts when you change the color profile on your monitor. Regardless of whether the colors are right or wrong, our brain hides slight color casts within minutes. This phenomenon is called color constancy. This is similar to situations in which we quickly become accustomed to the brightness or darkness of our surroundings.

© Jochen Kohl and used with permission.

I lived by a sense that, if I can't trust my eyes, what can I trust? I used to check the accuracy of my photos on my computer, a family member's laptop, and then my phone and generate a sort of average. I didn't really know any better, but if I had put the time in to research color a little more thoroughly (rather than gawping at new gear), I would have rectified these amateurish mistakes far earlier. The thing is, these oversights aren't exclusively for the fresh-faced photographers learning their new trade or hobby. Photographers, videographers, retouchers, and artists of all ability levels can all stand to learn from this ebook and its varied lessons. You're highly unlikely to find a better resource, let alone one that's free.

To start getting this powerful resource, just throw your email address in the sign-up link below.

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Johnny Rico's picture

"this ebook is free. All you have to do is sign up with your email"

So it's not free. I'm placing myself on a targeted mailing list.

John Skinner's picture

In my19 years in digital, there are few, very few products I have revolted against.

The first being Lexar. here was a company that made memory products for workflow and touted them, and labeled them as being ones of a professional quality. And MANY users had zero issue with these products as pro-sumer/consumers.. But I can tell you without doubt, the reasons they went belly-up was due in large part to their QC, and their handling of working professionals issues. The failure rates were high on their high use modules, and their readers and it was completely sub-standard. The icing on the top was their method of interacting with people on RMAs. I sold about 9-10K$ in memory gear and the company floated out into non-exsistance just months later. Good bye to crappy manufacturers.

Now onto DataColor. I've purchased 3 of their systems over time. And although my gut feeling for their goods is one of mixed results and, ROI. They too failed when it came to their interaction with working professionals in as much as support, service after the sale, and one was left with that feeling of -- 'we have your cash, now piss off.' These systems now have dust rings on a shelf where they once sat, and 2 hit the skip outright, and the other was sold to some poor sod thinking he had a better idea than I...despite warnings.

Our monies are far too sparse and hard worked for to be whittled away by things, that in large part, add very little to the common thread of getting the job done. So, for all those considering making an investment into this system.. I say WALK AWAY.

Oh, you'll hear many people tell you of perceived results and good working systems to be sure. But the issues start when you need an RMA, problem solving, answers... all of that is lacking by this Lexar wanna-be. And I don't say any of this lightly. It takes a long-long mile to get me to go South on a product line and just give up.

I see a lot of articles on these sites which are starting to feel as though it's a ad for a product, and not an article to inform and tell you of something (good or bad) that will enrich our workflow. And frankly, it's getting more transparent every week.

I'm sorry to go off like this about a fluffy color thingy with big hype and promise. I just know that many of you are just like me. We don't mind putting out large dollars for kit we need and think will help us... we just don't want to be left on the side of the road with a flat and have a company ask... Who exactly are you? And, you want what replaced?

So I'll pass on you data email collection spam game for a "free book".. You couldn't even back up your products when I bought them.. so, no thank you.

Finally, I noticed this IS in fact a paid ad.

Robert K Baggs, be very careful assigning your name to something. People will get the idea your a paid shill running promos for junk. And, you loose credibility in your field when people find out you wrote an article about a 300 dollar piece of crap they can't get suitable service on when they need it. Shame on you Sir.

John MacLean's picture

When you see the word “sponsored” just think “ignore”! ;) I had the first Spyder back in the mid 90s. The software sucked. I’m now an X-Rite user for life.

yanpekar's picture

The title is misleading. Not only my email is being put on a targeted marketing email list when I sign in to download the book, but also there is no option to download the whole book, only "one chapter at a time"...and if you sign in, the next chapter will be sent next month. I find it unproductive, to have one chapter per month. Lost interest:(

Don Don's picture

I just use a fake free throw away email addy for this. That way my real email has fewer issues. I use the Datacolor Spyder 5. It does make a bit of a difference. No problems for me. I set it for monthly recalibration too