Former Instagram Influencer Offering Masterclass on the Art of Unfollowing

Former Instagram Influencer Offering Masterclass on the Art of Unfollowing

Have you tried your hand at unfollowing people on Instagram only to find they were wise to your move and simply unfollowed you back the next day? Apparently, there is a method to the madness, and one influencer is ready to share their secrets with the world.

Reciprocal following is one of the first skills we all learned on social media whenever follower counts are involved. When you follow certain users, some of them will follow you back! This is often done as a thank you for following them. Many times, this is done without even looking at one photo shared on your profile.

Instagram user @StuStuStudio claims to have perfected the steps in the unfollow dance and is offering a master class to any aspiring influencers looking to get ahead. When asked why their following is so minuscule compared to most of the true Instragram elite, Stuart reveals that his following was once well into the hundreds of thousands. As time went on, this following unfortunately disappeared. The same followers that had once felt so loyal and comforting had gone as easily as they had come.

Not all was lost, though, since the keys to getting there in the first place are all intact in the masterclass. Be ready to have a full grasp of concepts that will help you rope in followers like magnets to metal:

  • Like a few shots before following so you seem less bot-ish
  • Use amazing emoji in your profile so users know you're the real deal
  • Only unfollow people while their respective time zone is sleeping
  • Schedule one day a month to actually pay attention to photos you are posting
  • Keep a trimmed follow count so the people you followed feel special and individually sought after

Almost anyone can go from an Instagram afterthought to a trend-setting, teal photo sharing awesome-aholic. Don't sell yourself short. There are people out there who love to follow back. Are you going to make them dance alone? In a very Instagram kind of way, inquiries for the masterclass will only be accepted through Instagram.

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Did Vanessa Joy and Lindsay Adler attend your masterclass? They seem to have perfected this skill on social media?

Good grief. The whole thing is childish and lame.