Fstoppers Meetup this Saturday, Jan 24th in Singapore

Fstoppers Meetup this Saturday, Jan 24th in Singapore

If you saw our Drone in Iceland teaser last month, you know that Lee and I are producing our next tutorial with landscape photographer Elia Locardi. This ambitious project is spanning over 70 days and over 8 countries. This week we are filming in Singapore, and on Saturday the 24th we are hosting a little meetup. All the details about this meetup are outlined below:






Meet Patrick Hall and Lee Morris of Fstoppers and Elia Locardi

6:30 P.M. - Helix Bridge in Marina Bay  (Watch Elia shoot and Lee fly the drone)

Dinner afterwards - Food Trail at the Singapore Flyer

If you are from Singapore or just visiting, we would love to meet everyone and hang out. We are only a few days into the trip so far but I have to say the sights and food here are pretty spectacular. We look forward to see you on Saturday!

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welcome to singapore!

Welcome to Singapore! drop me an email if you need someone to show you around!

Robert Herrera's picture

Are you guys only doing exotic locations or will there ever be a meetup here in the U.S.?
A lot of beautiful places right here at home.

Patrick Hall's picture

We try to host meetups in the US as we travel there too. I totally agree that the US has some amazing places but since most of our readers are from the US, it makes sense to include more exotic locations so the content is fresh and exciting. Plus Elia hardly spends any time in the USA so there is that too

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I totally understand.. I've been to Dubai, Thailand, Hawaii, etc.. so I can understand the reasoning behind it. Well keeping my fingers crossed.. hopefully I'll get to catch a meetup here in the US one day. I'm in Dallas, Texas by the way.

Hey Lee! Think we bump into each other earlier outside the Art Science Museum. I was the guy you asked if you were in my shot. Haha. Sorry I didn't say hi, was starstruck when I first saw you. Anyways hope you guys have a good stay in Singapore! Oh and welcome to the Lion City!

That's funny! I saw you talking to your buddy and I thought I had wrecked your shot. I hope you come out in Saturday.

Oh Man!!! This has got to be my luckiest day ... I'm originally from Australia but taking a random spontaneous break in Singapore for a few days. I can't wait to meet you guys on Sat. Thank you thankyou thankyou for the kind and generous invite :)

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next stop Malaysia?

I only saw this article now and I thought of flying in... then I realised 24th is tmr...
Then I knew you're coming to Hong Kong!! When will you be in HK and will you be holding a meetup as well?

If there is enough interest I'm sure we could