Fstoppers vs SLR Lounge: Vote For Who You Think Won

Fstoppers vs SLR Lounge: Vote For Who You Think Won

While you are waiting for me to finish the video edit on our last Puerto Rican Photo Challenge, we have a new competition for you guys to judge. This time I take a back seat and let Lee Morris and Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge battle head to head in the streets of Old San Juan.

For this competition I decided to mix it up a bit and move to the streets of Old San Juan. If you've seen our previous Puerto Rican Photo Challenges, we normally explore areas that are less visited and often overlooked. In this shootout, I decided to explore the most popular area of the island to see what interesting backgrounds and scenes Lee and Pye could find.

So far in the series, we haven't really brought along models or focused on the overall theme or styling, but since Pye is a great portrait photographer and Lee obviously struggles with landscapes, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a local model into this shootout. We were lucky to get the lovely Yuanilie Alvarado to walk with us through the streets, and as you'll see in the upcoming competition video, she brought such a high energy to the entire shoot. Although Lee and Pye took tons of images in all sorts of different scenes, ultimately they both had to cull their images down to one single file to submit for the contest.

Below are the two submissions that we need your help judging who took the best photo? 

Photo 1

Photo 2

Cast Your Vote Now!

I will reveal both photos to Pye and Lee in 24 hours as well as the final readers poll to determine who won this shootout. If you enjoy this content, make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel to be notified when these videos are released and also check out the Puerto Rican Photo Challenge Playlist

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Joel Hernandez's picture

"Picture 2 might win because it's bigger, we can see more details and it draws more attention," is what my initial thoughts were.

With that being said, I am going to pick option 2 because the point of view, perspective is more rare and different. The post processing pops a little more than option 1 (I do like the subtlety of picture 1 though). Although I like the leading lines better in option 1, option 2 still has them. I do start to wonder if this is an ad for Fila though... because the leading lines leads to the white shoes. Have to be careful in that.

I would have maybe changed the pants to a burgundy color in the second image. It would look better against this background and compliment the shoes and her top a little more.

Well done though!

Michael Anthony's picture

Both are awesome....I am guessing Pye took #1, great job guys.

The choices are "where's the buxom" busy background girl Vs. Attack of the 50 foot Puerto Rican. I would rather not piss off the giant, so I am forced to go with that image, however, given the circumstances generally, had there been something "to cleave to" if you get my drift, for the first image I would have gone that way. Sometimes there just is no decisive moment and apparently no "development". Either way the allegedly sultry look in photos of women these days just makes me think they are just bitches, and frankly with this "we must send a woman to the moon thing" from NASA, just makes me wish they would use Ralph Kramden's method of launch. But I digress. We need better images than this kind of stuff, images that work better and are not so damn canned. There, that's my 2 cents.

Patrick Hall's picture

Not sure I understand. This model was definitely not plump and was actually very close to being Miss Puerto Rico for Miss Universe. She's quite tiny actually.

Comments like these make me wish we could invite all our commenters to participate in these challenges. I'd love to see the quality photos and inspiring ideas normal readers would have if they were given 1 hour to create a handful of images for a competition.

Chris Slasor's picture

Photo 2 is far more original, photo 1 is alright, it's a decent shallow DOF photo, but it looks like a million other photos that i'd just scroll past on Insta, or Flickr or any other photography source. It's decent. No major problems with it, but no major wow factor.

Photo 2 might not be a traditional angle, a lot of people would look awful under the chin being shot from that low, but the model pulls it off fantastically here. It elongates her legs, and although she's not wearing an outfit that shows off he legs, that might be an advantage here because you should be drawn to her face, and the dark tones in her trousers help that.

Which leads me to my final point, the major criticism I have, my eye was drawn straight to her trainer, its a little island of white, surrounded by darker tones. If she was wearing darker shoes, Id have been drawn more to her face.

I wouldn't say photo 2 was amazing. But it's better than photo 1.

I look forward to the reveal!

Patrick Hall's picture

We just filmed the reveal with Pye and Lee and Pye was a bit upset that I didn't tell the audience that I sold this shoot to them as editorial/fashion and so Pye made a point to showcase the shoes. It's funny, the night before we were randomly joking about if anyone still wears Fila shoes and then the model had them the next day! So technically Pye was trying to showcase the shoes where as Lee thought the people voting wouldn't care about the genre and would just pick the better looking image. Guess Pye got it right!

Jared Gant's picture

Numero dos got my vote.

Composition-wise I choose the second image, but if I had to only look at the face, I would have voted for the first image. As is I voted for the second image, but if you cropped out the door on the left in the first image, I would have voted for that.


I liked the photo 2.
I think it belongs to Lee. Firstly I thought it was Pye's photo but every time is the opposite of what I think so it's clearly Lee's photo :)