Nikon D6: The Best Camera Nobody Cares About

The most advanced Nikon camera ever created is right around the corner. But does anyone care? 

Nikon recently teased the new D6, the successor to their $6,500 sports DSLR, the D5. Although we don't know the camera's exact specs or price yet, most people are expecting a standard upgrade with slightly more megapixels, ISO performance, focusing, and hopefully better shooting performance. 

But even if the D6 is the greatest DSLR ever made, how many photographers are actually excited to buy it? This genre of camera is so expensive and so finely tuned for sports photographers that the average shooter probably will never consider it. And with mirrorless cameras taking over the industry, do DSLRs in general feel like old technology? 

In the video above, Patrick and I have a conversation about the Nikon D6, its potential features, and the quickly shifting photography market. 

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My guess is, Nikon did more market research than you did and concluded that yes, lots and lots of people will care about it.

The price of this kind of camera makes it unreachable and/or unsuitable for at least 95% of all photographers. The weight makes in unpractical for 98% of all photographers. It is a tool for a tiny amount of the market.
So all in all, for the biggest part of the photography market, this camera is rather unimportant.
It is the car equivalent of a Bugatti Veyron. Most people will not ever see one in their entire lives and the cost of one service at the garage is more than most people earn in a year.