Nikon D6: The Best Camera Nobody Cares About

The most advanced Nikon camera ever created is right around the corner. But does anyone care? 

Nikon recently teased the new D6, the successor to their $6,500 sports DSLR, the D5. Although we don't know the camera's exact specs or price yet, most people are expecting a standard upgrade with slightly more megapixels, ISO performance, focusing, and hopefully better shooting performance. 

But even if the D6 is the greatest DSLR ever made, how many photographers are actually excited to buy it? This genre of camera is so expensive and so finely tuned for sports photographers that the average shooter probably will never consider it. And with mirrorless cameras taking over the industry, do DSLRs in general feel like old technology? 

In the video above, Patrick and I have a conversation about the Nikon D6, its potential features, and the quickly shifting photography market. 

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Lol if you're interested then you're of the genre that it's aimed for of which no mirror less can compete.

Mirrorless can compete almost on everything, question is not when but how.

Photography is still everything about framing and timing of exposure.

It is not about megapixels, dynamic range, frame rate, focus speed or anything like that.

If mirrorless cameras would be like a wet plate cameras from 1880, then I would agree.
But we are talking already negligent differences.

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Good that you corrected your sentence. The author of the original comment doesn’t seem to care about his grammar.

Well I mean this is an internet comment section. It's not like we're writing peer reviewed essays for a grade.

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Of course not, it’s just embarrassing to write with mistakes. It’s not like it’s an extra effort to spell correctly.

Should have said "It's embarrassing to rite with mistakes."

*Mist steaks* FTFY lol

Who would be embarrassed? Lol get over yourself

If you're on a mobile device it's extra effort. On screen keyboards are garbage. If you have larger fingers it's even more difficult.

Alex Herbert's picture

Peer reviewed essays aren't graded.

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Photography is NOT just about framing and timing of exposure. If you are shooting sports, like the D6 is aimed at, it is about focus speed, dynamic range, frame rate and more.

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Amen, and even if you're not shooting sports, all of those things are still important. To claim they are not important is to pretend to be ignorant of all of the amazing things modern cameras do to enable all of us create the kinds of images we want to make. How nice it must be to simply take all of that power for granted and tell yourself that the "only" things that matters is composition and timing of exposure - only the first crucial steps, in a chain of crucial steps to create masterful images.

I'm with you on this. I'm still using my now vintage D4, and shoot mostly theatrical, dance, acrobats, etc. I need more than composition and exposure timing to get the images. Fast burst mode and high ISO capability for starters. The D5 wasman improvement, and the D6 will presumably further enhance capabilities other cameras simply don't have. Having said that I can often get good results out my FUJI XT3 as well but for particularly challenging lighting and performance situations it's back to the D4 every time. Alas my budget can't presently handle the Nikon upgrade.

Right so they will not be able to keep up with demand for months but nobody cares. Here's a hint. For action sports, nature, etc. there is no mirrorless that will be able to compete with it's focus capture and holding capabilities. Just because you don't get it doesn't mean nobody does. It isn't meant for the average shooter so step aside and watch the those whoa are above average take advantage of it.

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Except that it's unlikely it will be able to keep up even with the a9, much less the a9 II.

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thanks for that, we laughed a lot!

That's why we'll be seeing all those A9s at the Olympics right? I mean we already see them overwhelming those yesteryear Canons and Nikons right? #sarcasm #URAFanboy

Rk K's picture

We won't. There's not much money left in sports photography and the current gear people are using is good enough. Spending €30,000 to switch doesn't make sense. Both of these cameras will be bought by enthusiasts, and enthusiasts care about specs - the blackout free, 20+ fps shooting and the full sensor readout subject tracking of the a9(2) can never be beaten by a dslr for obvious reasons.

LOL yea there won't be any pro photographers at the Olympics, any pro or college: soccer, baseball, football, tennis, basketball tournament, etc.

Everybody wants whatever edge they can get and they aren't buying your apparent fanboy favorite.

Rk K's picture

You've made precisely 0 arguments so far, just sarcasm and shouting. How could your average college soccer photographer afford a ~30k system switch? They can't. Or your average, struggling news organisation? Nope, not happening.

Grow up!

What shouting? You seem very sensitive and have some vested interest in this. Yes I am being sarcastic because you are making silly arguments. Everybody here other than you knows that 99% of the cameras at sporting events are going to be Canon and Nikon. Keep rationalizing but people who are still Nikon pros will buy 2 or more of these bodies replacing their old ones and your claims won't change a single mind on it.

Rk K's picture

Again, personal insults, then a repeat of something silly you said before already. It doesn't matter what you'll see at the Olympics. Those pros are the tiny minority of the people buying these cameras. And, as I said, their selection criteria are completely different as well. What a joke... You're arguing against something I never said, because you don't have arguments against the actual point.

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You're so clueless, it isn't even remotely funny to "argue" with you.
Where can one start ?
The fact that you're thinking that any mirrorless can produce more tack sharp focused shots in a big burst than a D5/1Dx Mk II ?
The fact that you don't know that most professionals at the Olympics work on equipment provided for them by their media house or loaned/sponsored by the manufacturers ?

Really, think twice before replying to this, it will save you from any further unnecessary humiliation.

Rk K's picture

You're not just clueless, but can't even read apparently. I mentioned that a lot of equipment is provided by employers - it's obvious - but do you really think these organisations are doing any better? Get your head out of your fantasy dream world, no media outlet will spend hundreds of thousands to switch their photographers to a different system, when the current one is good enough. Unlike you, they are not stupid.

As for the A9, with the latest update? - it easily beats D5 in AF. That's a fact. There are loads of tests with it, including tests by professionals.

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I think the semi-casual crowd are way more likely to buy a new camera because of functions. I think if you're a pro sports photographer then whatever you're currently using (along with the very expensive glass you've been collecting over the years) is going to be good enough. You would have learned to use your gear in the best way to serve the kind of work you do. Faster autofocus really isn't a reason to change up all of your equipment.

I don't think you have used a D5 in demanding situations. If you had you wouldn't write such things.

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Yeah, you are right, if you dont get it then its not for you. I will never buy it but it exist for a good reason.

I agree - Nikon / Canon on the field, Sony in the stands.

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