Share Your Favorite Photo of 2019

Share Your Favorite Photo of 2019

A new decade is only days away, so it's time to celebrate the creativity of the past and get ready for the future by sharing your favorite photo of 2019. 

2020 always seemed like a date from science fiction novels to me, and here we are about to be living in it. No flying cars, unfortunately, but we have had advances in image making and editing that have made the photographic arts more accessible and varied than ever before. As a result, the definition of what makes a photograph, or a photographer, has become increasingly blurry around the edges. Personally, I'm a big fan of the changes, because it's opened up worlds of creativity. What I have to ask myself now is: What will the next ten years look like? What changes can we expect to see, what new obstacles will we have to navigate, what opportunities will arise for us to take advantage of? As we get ready to head into this new decade, this is a great time to look back and the awesome stuff we've created and consider what the next ten years might hold for photography.

To that end, I put out the word on Facebook and asked Fstoppers community members to show me their favorite photograph of 2019, and I want you to do the same. It doesn't have to be your best technical image, or your highest paid image, though it's certainly fine if that's the case! Sometimes it's a favorite because it captured a special moment, or the instant you learned something that will forever change how you work, or the shot you've been trying to pull off for months.

This is a personal favorite of mine from 2019. I love the image itself, but it's also my favorite for another reason. In a way, it's a symbol of where my photography is headed now that I have a dedicated space to work in. It's also the culmination of finally having the time and the focus to get creative after having kiddos in the house for 16 years. I know more about who I am and what I want as an artist, and I've finally arrived at a time when I have both the skill, the equipment, and the time to create it. For me, 2020 will be the start of a new era in my personal work, and I'm incredibly excited to see what it brings.

Model Jason Klein with props by Gryndel Ghoulderson

What about you? What was your favorite creation of 2019, and does the new decade represent a change in direction for you, or maybe just the hope of new beginnings and bigger and better things to come? Share your photo in the comments and let the community, and the world, know what you've got in store for us in the new decade! Let's end 2019 with a photographic bang and inspire one another to new heights for the new year. 

To motivate you, I asked Fstoppers community members to share some of their favorite photos of 2019. Join the fun!

Lead image shared with permission of Kate Woodman

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Keith Davis's picture

I am not sure this is a favorite... it certainly is not on par with the images posted in this thread... but for me personally it helped me deal with a Demon in our family. So to me only it is the most meaningful of my year.

Robert Montgomery's picture

Going on record . I like it . It most certainly belongs here.

Nicole York's picture

Oh man. It definitely belongs, and there is a lot of power in this shot.

John Watson's picture

Slash ft. Miles Kennedy at The Warfield in SF.

Robert Huerbsch's picture

Waited over a year to get a good clear night during peak MilkyWay season = hurricane cloudy season in FL. Finally got a clear night during new moon and took the 3 hour trip to one of the darkest spots in the SE and was rewarded with this 150 degree vertical panorama (and some other images). It is 6 panels at 70mm each with Canon 6Da, tracked and stacked for each panel. The full size tiff was over 2GB : ) someday I’ll print it big

Nicole York's picture

wowzers! You guys have patience I just cannot match.
Yeah, you have to make a huge print of this.

Zuzana Bártová's picture

I had this idea stuck in my head for months, so one night I grabbed my friend (Dj) and we did it

joe miglionico's picture

While this has certainly been manipulated there is less photoshop here than you might think... It was something the model, Wendy, very much wanted to do.

Joshua Boldt's picture

my favorite