Simple Photoshop Action For Brushing In Shadow Recovery

Recently I babbled on and on about shadow and highlight recovery using raw data in Capture One Pro, something I still fully endorse and recommend you do in your post production work when recovery is needed or wanted. However, feedback and practical thinking made me create a simple Photoshop Action that sets up one of my more common methods for simple shadow recovery, but in a refined and manual way.

I've been on a bit of an Action making roll lately, I know, but I am simply trying to organize (and give away) my thoughts on various procedures that I am most often asked about. In most cases, I immediately know how I would go about doing something in Photoshop that someone's asked me about, but it takes me a little experimenting to determine how best to make an Action for it.

To be clear, not all processes lend themselves to Actions, and some processes can be replicated only decently as an Action, though they may afford you the control I generally prefer.

Today's Action, which I am simply calling NBP Shadow Recover, sets up the basic workflow for you to bring back details in shadows a bit using your brush, ideally with a 10-20% Flow. As usual, you can download the Action here, and modify it or share it as you see fit. 

Enjoy!  And hey if you want some more, go ahead and Subscribe to more of my video tutorials and other shenanigans on my YouTube channel.

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Another awesome action and a solid reminder to do shadow recovery in C1!