Start Placing the Blame on Yourself

The other day, a few guys on my team and I cooked up some new content for the 2018 Skypixel competition. Turns out we weren't able to submit them fore a silly reason that mainly took place on our end.

The past few years I've been doing photography and videography, I got myself into more problems than I ever needed just because of the way I decided to react to a situation. This past Sunday, I invited a few guys from our team over to help create an edit for the 2018 Skypixel contest. We worked the entire day long and put together two videos that we were really happy with. Knowing that we were running low on time, we wanted to do another round of final corrections before submitting, so off to bed we went to rest our eyes. 

The next morning we wake up and immediately get back to editing. When it came time to submit, we were able to click the category we wanted to submit to and begin our upload. Boom! Internet stops working for about 20 minutes. Once we got our Internet back up and running, we couldn't click on any of the links to submit our work. We learned the hard way that the submission deadline was February 18, 2019 at 01:00 (which is 1 a.m., not 1 p.m.). Therefore, we were just a few hours late for submission.

My point here is that we could have sat here and blamed the Internet for going out, or blamed the United States for not using 24 hour time, or we could have come up with whatever other ridiculous excuse we wanted. The truth is, we are to blame for not getting the video in on time. We could have made sure both videos were submitted to make the deadline and we also we could have done them weeks in advance. In the past, this is one of those things that would cause me extreme stress and anxiety but today, it does not. Today, I learn from stupid mistakes like this and because I've been open and willing enough to acknowledge that most of the things that go wrong in my life are my fault, I am able to understand my problems and find new ways to solve them.

I've come to find that blaming problems on something else makes me look foolish. When I look back on this situation, sure I'm bummed we spent a whole Sunday editing like mad men. Sure, I'm a little upset I wasn't able to submit, but in the end, we still walked away with two awesome videos we would have never had. My conclusion is just because something negative happens, doesn't mean we have to be negative about it. Life will always go on and being positive has more benefit than most people think.

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Chris Cameron's picture

Fantastic, a Millennial that finally realised what all previous generations already knew. Good for you.

Simon Patterson's picture

Actually there are plenty of people from every generation who haven't figured this one out, yet. The message of this article is relevant to all generations.

The trite use of the word "millennial" has become tiresome, repetitious and banal. And insulting to everyone who happens to be in that generation.

Chris Cameron's picture

You know whats tiresome? The endless whinging and complaining and protesting from a generation that doesn't even realise how good they've got it. You should feel insulted, it was intended as an insult. Your generation has it better than any that preceded you.

Elke Vogelsang's picture

Grandpa, is that you?

Chris Cameron's picture

Maybe, I haven't spent a lot of time in Germany but it's possible. How old are you?

David Vaughn's picture

Sounds like you're just envious of the younger generation's opportunities. Bitterness isn't a good look on anyone, just to let you know.

Chris Cameron's picture

I am envious of their opportunities and the future they can look forward to. I just think it's a shame so many of them don't seem to see much beyond their victimhood status.

David Vaughn's picture

To be fair, the generation preceding the millennials isn't exactly a shining example for society. In many ways, the Greatest Generation built a gilded tower only for the succeeding generation to knock it down and build a Walmart. lol

But what's done is done. I've found that throwing tantrums about which generation did what is counterproductive.

michaeljin's picture

Basically what Simon Patterson and Erpillar Bendy said.

Clearly you’ve never worked in customer service if you think it’s only the young who blame others

I'm 50, and believe me, there are plenty of people in my generation, and every generation that aren't exactly the brightest tool in the shed. I mean seriously, how many times do people have to see "your" and "you're" and not figure out which is which?

Chris Cameron's picture

Well I think your reply proves you to be one of the dull tools. My use of 'your' is correct. You're is an abbreviation of 'you are'.