Time to Say Goodbye to Instagram and Hello to Dayflash

Time to Say Goodbye to Instagram and Hello to Dayflash

Let's really be honest here, Facebook and Instagram have changed the rules enough times now that it's driven most of the fun out of the social media platforms and it's long been time for a change. Instagram used to be great for photographers but has since become an almost pointless endeavor for anyone that doesn't already have 100,000 followers or more.

We could probably speculate for hours as to the reasons behind many of the changes that the Facebook overlords have made to both platforms, but the reality is that neither Facebook or Instagram is a very business-friendly (or photographer-friendly) environment anymore. At the start, business profiles on Instagram seemed like a great idea and came with lots of supposedly neat tools and analytics for businesses. But now the algorithms seem to be skewed against those working hard to cultivate a solid, reactive audience. This topic seems to come up often enough, both in social media circles, here on Fstoppers, and even us as Fstoppers Staff have been discussing the merits of using Instagram anymore because it feels like engagement across the board is dropping off for most people that aren't willing to fork over massive amounts of money to Facebook.

A sample screenshot of how images are viewed within the app. Images are displayed full screen, with the option of tapping to pull up image and author information as well as any comments on the image.

Realistically, Instagram has every right to engineer their app however they want, but it's impossible to deny that the user experience just isn't what it used to be. The number of sponsored posts is rocketing up and the number of engagements from actual fans is dropping dramatically as users are pushed to sponsor more and more of their own posts just so people will see them. The frustration that many users feel towards Instagram is precisely the reason why Dayflash came into being. They have built a social media experience that encourages users to share and engage freely without worrying about having to convert profiles to 'business' profiles or sponsor their own posts.

In a nutshell, Dayflash is a place where shared photos and videos take the spotlight, literally, since each post is designed to be seen full screen. It's not about promotion or paid engagement as neither followers or post engagements can be bought. The only way images make their way into public popularity is simply by producing and sharing high quality and visually engaging imagery. Dayflash sent me an invitation to join back when they were first launching and I've been a user ever since. Gaining a following is done through hard work and consistency, the way it used to work on Instagram back when Instagram was fun.

At this point in my career and social media presence, I can honestly say that I spend more time on Dayflash than I do on Instagram. I am tired of trying to cultivate an audience within the Facebook realm and I really appreciate the simplicity of the user experience on Dayflash. At some point, I will probably drop my Instagram altogether as interaction with Dayflash picks up. Right now, the app is only available on the Apple App Store, but according to the company an Android version is in process to be released in the future. If you have grown tired of the games and ever changing rules of Instagram, it might be worth your time to try another option that is growing in popularity with each day. You can learn more about the app from the Dayflash website and can download it onto Apple devices through the App Store.

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John Tyson's picture

Lets support any initiative that diversifies our channels to promote our services. Put all your eggs in one basket and be prepared to be broke. Sure, it's IOS only, but Android will surely follow. I work in software and this is the smart way to do it. Build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and see how it used and incrementally update it. Building for every mobile OS at once isn't cost effective for start-ups. Tap one vein, build a strong feature set, move onto the next OS. If you're successful in the first OS, demand will build, and users will be waiting when you launch on their platform. Don't be butthurt they didnt choose your platform first, just listen to the feedback from users on the other OS and see if they like it, if they do, jump on when they come to your platform. Or don't. It really is "All good."

Deleted Account's picture

For me the best is
A site build around Art, with the artist in mind…

Alley Davis's picture

Another good one to check out is Pixegram (https://pixegram.com). It's more of a Instagram + Patreon combination.

Riswandi Koedrat's picture

I've tried the program for several days and uploaded some 30 photos. I love how the images are displayed huge on the screen and you can also have the option to fill the whole screen (with some border cropping) or full size for the images.
However, the biggest problem I have is, colours for some of my photographs became desaturated after upload and look dull. Why is that?

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

It could be your color profile. Should be "sRGB".

Riswandi Koedrat's picture

They fixed it. Now my horizontal shots are as vibrant as my vertical ones! Thanks Dayflash.

Sean Sauer's picture

I think I'm leaving this site... it's all paid infomercial content instead of real photography news. This is clearly a paid ad in disguise as "news" for a social media platform that NOBODY has heard about that's only on iPhones. LOL! ALSO, this ap is not even remotely aimed at REAL photographers. This is aimed at 15 year olds who want to post their lives online. Fstoppers has been really bad about this lately. They must be hurting for cash.

Gergö Nyirö's picture

No android version exists, EPIC FAIL!

stephen brownhill's picture

PLEASE let this happen, I used to really enjoy instagram, more and more people where flowing and loved more people seeing my work! Then boom growth just stopped and hubs, and big account photographers just went more massive and myself and So many amazing photographers I follow just sit in the shadows! got be good at the game not just a creative!! Or my pictures could just be sh*t hahahaha please have a look and say hi !Insta- brownhillphotography.art

Riswandi Koedrat's picture

They fixed the problems with my desaturated colors when uploading. Great app.

Laury Wollery's picture

Is this a paid article?