Top Nine Female Portrait Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram in 2018

Top Nine Female Portrait Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram in 2018

Out of the over 1 billion Instagram users on the platform in 2018, it's important to stand out. Check out my top 10 favorite female portrait photographers on Instagram and go give them a follow! Be ready to be blown away!

In the photography industry today, women are seen to be underrepresented. In this article, find the best talent out there and discover the women who are crushing it in the industry today. Below is my list and my favorites, but if you know anyone who is your favorite, leave their links in the comments!

Kate Woodman

Kate Woodman is known as a master of color. Her delicate and thoughtful use of colors combined with the wit she has in her images make them a joy to look at. Each one of her photos conveys a feeling and just makes you want to keep looking. 

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler is a fashion and beauty photographer known for her graphic and bold style. Looking through her portfolio, you will see her work stands out immediately by her fearless use of edgy lighting and bold colors.

Elaine Torres

In Elaine Torres' work, less is more. She flawlessly blends her seamless paper background with the models wardrobe to create eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing images to look at. 

Sue Bryce 

Sue Bryce is a glamour and portrait photographer who focuses on making women look powerful and beautiful. Each image shows the women she photographs in the best light and is truly inspiring to look at. 

Donatella Nicolini 

Donatella Nicolini is a maternity and portrait photographer based in Italy. Her use of soft lighting and motion in her images conveys the elegant beauty her subjects have within them. 

Bella Kotak

When I came across Bella Kotak's profile for the first time, the first thing that popped into my head was "wow!" The immaculate level of detail she uses in building her sets accompanied by the flawless retouching makes for an eye-catching portfolio. 

Brooke Shaden 

Brooke Shaden is a fine art portrait photographer. Her images look like scenes out of our dreams or nightmares. She often uses herself as the model and depicts the darkest and most vulnerable moments in her life. Her pictures convey darkness but in a beautiful light. 

Monica Lazar 

Monica Lazar is primarily a self portrait photographer. The special things about her work are how personal it is and the great lengths she goes to create her dreamy images. She carefully puts herself in captivating scenes and depicts the emotions that place elicits.   

Annie Mitova

Annie Mitova is best known for her dreamy and soft images that take on a painterly look. The way she represents her models in her work is stunning and regal. 

Be sure to share your favorites in the comments! 

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John Hernlund's picture

Great photographers, very inspiring. I wonder how they manage to get such great quality photos uploaded to Instagram from their phone cameras?

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

They sure are! They most likely use airdrop and just transfer it to their phones from their computer. That's how I do it

Mark C's picture

great list! Sue and Brooke are already on my site, but will be reaching out to the others too. Thanks for writing this one Eli!

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

It's a pleasure! Thanks for reading it. :)

John Hernlund's picture

Why highlight Instagram? They only allow you to upload photos from your smart phone, this is a ridiculous restriction and I don't know why any photographer would jump through their hoops. To get a photo on Instagram, I have to edit it on my computer, send it as an e-mail attachment to myself, transfer it to my phone's photo library, and then use the stupid Instagram app to upload it from said library. Absurd!

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

There are ways to upload it from your computer through third party apps. Instagram is my favorite platform to display my portfolio. I love the 3x3 grid

Stan Sadowski's picture

All amazing artists but all of their work is VERY produced. How about some variety? Check out @phobymo on IG and I promise you won't regret it. All of her work is shot with natural light and the models and environments she uses really makes her work unique!!

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

Good points. But as pointed out a few times already this articles was based on my personal style and my tastes. I love people who use lighting, colors, and their subjects to tell their stories. Thanks for introducing your link! I'll take a look!

Ian Goss's picture

Need to? Who says?

Eli Dreyfuss's picture

You're an adult. You can make your own decisions.

David T's picture

From Netherlands, very colorful pop/fashion photos with gelled lighting.
Works with great stylists.