Why the Nikon Mirrorless Already Sucks

Why the Nikon Mirrorless Already Sucks

We all know that Nikon and Canon are fueling up for a big battle for the mirrorless wars, with Nikon firing the first salvo in the form of the Z6 and Z7. But it just does not interest me.

After using every camera system and switching back and forth from Canon to Nikon several times and even shooting Phase One digital medium format, I’ve settled with the Sony a7R III as my favorite camera.

It took me longer than most to jump on board the mirrorless train, with a few things scaring me such as being so small that it might look and feel like a toy. Then I had concerns about the electronic viewfinder in general and if I’d like it; after all I hated the live view on Nikon.

Once I used the Sony, I knew instantly this was it and I was done switching for a very long time. The Sony has already offered everything a Canon or Nikon can do in terms of great focus, image quality, and dynamic range. But then the Sony offers something that is not so easy on the Canon or Nikon. The EVF allows me to use my old vintage lenses like my Helios or vintage Jupiter lenses with perfect focus easily and consistently. Also gone are the days of dealing with the microfocus adjustments since the focusing is done via the sensor.

Bottom line is, Sony has already given us everything that Nikon or Canon are trying to produce.

Critics of the Sony system had once complained about adapters to use Nikon or Canon glass, stating they didn't trust adapters, but now those same folks embrace the idea of adapters if it’s a Nikon mirrorless to use their existing F-mount lenses. Most humans are resistant to change, hence the comfort factor of the name Nikon or Canon. However, since the mirrorless is a new platform even for these brands, it is in fact a change and Sony is already established.

Nikon and Canon are trying to reinvent the wheel since they are so late to the party, and who loses in this scenario? The consumer. Think about it, there’s going to be a mad rush of brand fanboys all clamoring to get the first Nikon or Canon mirrorless when it’s released, and the price will be high and availability will be difficult. Then there’s the obvious growing pains that come with any new system. Sony had it early on, and now we are past those hiccups and I can’t see a reason to start over and go through those growing pains with the others. Had they realized how big the mirrorless technology was, perhaps they could have been in on the ground floor and enjoyed the success.

At this point, I think Nikon and Canon have already lost. Sony already has the market. Now they are just embarrassingly trying to play catch-up much in the same way GoPro tried to do after they realized (again, too late) that DJI had beaten them.

The specs from Nikon seem to be a pretty obvious straight copy of the Sony, except for one huge blunder in only including one card slot. Will it work? Likely yes, but we don't know how many bugs it will have being a new system. Are you getting anything new for your effort and money? Seems like that answer is no.

Time will tell if Canon can make a better attempt at entry into this market than this sad effort that Nikon has made.

What do you think? If adapters are required to use your existing lenses with Nikon or Canon mirrorless, then what advantage does it have over Sony? Just the name you are comfortable with.

Is that really worth the expense, wait, and growing pains of working through the inevitable bugs?

Lead image by Irina Kostenich via Pexels.

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Let's see now:
Sony has 13% of the ILC market (per 2017), Nikon has 24% and Canon 40%. This in spite of Sony having had the full frame mirrorless market for themselves for many years and Nikon not offering any mirrorless other than the now defunct 1 Series.

The first 6 months of 2018, there were 70% more DSLR cameras sold than mirrorless bodies. Nikon has now launched 2 bodies that with what seems to be a very good adapter, making them compatible with more or less every F-mount lens ever manufactured, although with varying level of functionality. Please tell me how buying an A7 will improve on that functionality.

Nikon has done what any market analyst would advice them to do: Cater for their existing customers first, securing their base. This move by Nikon will make it very difficult for Sony to dig into Nikon's market share, and if Canon does something similar, Sony is pretty much stuck at 13% and will have to fight it out with Fuji, Olympus and Panasonic at the bottom end of the market.

Yavor Kapitanov's picture

I wouldn't completely agree that Nikon and Canon have already lost. This kind of statement is a little bit childish to me. The mirrorless wars are going to be super beneficial to us end-consumers because companies are going to do their best to win us over. This is the best thing that can happen for this industry and the model is the same for any other industry not just for camera makers. When there is competition things are good. Let me remind you why Canon and Nikon are far back in the game regarding innovation and mirrorless, because they had no competition. So This article is not thought of really well, sorry to say.

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The article doesn't actually mention even one sucky thing about the Z7 or Z6. It's just one tiny notch above a typical Sony fanboy troll post. Fstoppers, you can do better than this.
Here's just one of many claims where the author is blinded by his adoration of Sony:
"Sony has already given us everything that Nikon or Canon are trying to produce."
Well, no. Sony hasn't given us two card slots that BOTH support UHS Class II.

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one sucky thing, here's several.... battery life, one single card slot, evf blackout, force crop to dx in 120fps video.... just for starters. Those are ALL things that they could have easily made better to at least try and enter the market and compete a little. What they released is laughable at best.

WOW... bye bye Fstoppers.

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For me personally, it's all-out the final image and not the kit, a bad craftsman will always blame his tools!

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Still like my Canon M5. As an serious amateur, I find with a bit of ingenuity you can do a lot. https://youtu.be/YveDNbH-UTU

Short video made at 1080p 50 fps.

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The title is a litlle polarizing and, well, a bit harsh. Already sucks? Nobody has a release version yet. Sucks? Really? In the entirety of the english language, sucks is the word you went with? It isn't the camera many of us were hoping for, but it is a long way from sucking.

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If Canon produce a camera which uses the lenses I have, has an articulating screen, 4K video, an EVF as good as my 6D and connectivity like an iPhone I’m going for it!


Has anyone felt like the quality of articles on fstoppers has been on the downslide for quite a while? When I first started referencing fstoppers a few years ago it seemed like it tended to have more thoughtful and helpful articles than a lot of the other photography sites out there. Now it's seems to have degenerated into a wannabe Petapixel, posting any drivel that comes along. This article is trash whether you agree with the headline or not. It's really just clocked to drum up controversy and ad revenue. Just another good reason to stop checking this site....