The Best of the Worst: Real Estate Agent's Headshots

The Best of the Worst: Real Estate Agent's Headshots

Today, a friend and fellow photographer showed me an Imgur library which features beautifully terrible head shots from realtors' websites. You really have to see these images to believe them, all the fauxtographs look like they're taken from You're Not a Photographer. Seriously.

You can check out the entire library for yourself here.

Now without further ado, I give you: Real Estate Agent Headshots.


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Wen Hang Lin's picture

The first image is not a real estate agent. He is Jeffrey Swann, a renowned classical pianist.

Michael Kormos's picture

As an ex-classical pianist myself, I'm appalled I did not recognize him!

James Nedresky's picture

Is the realtor with the "dummy" a subliminal message?

jonathan thorpe's picture

sooooo where are the bad ones...?

Anthony N's picture

There are at least 2, maybe 3 that aren't bad photographically (which I would imagine would be the point of critique since this is on a photography blog), but bad because of the people in them. In which case, makes this a little mean spirited, but I'm not judging. I laughed a little.

Austin Rogers's picture

A very good point, Anthony. I made an effort to only include images where I thought the photography was the funny part, I'm certainly not out to make fun of people based on appearance. :)

Dan E's picture

I am never buying a house.

Henri Lindenhof's picture

I am tempted to buy a house now.

DavidBickley's picture

Nothing will stop me from buying a home from Bill Whetzel.

tallgirl1952's picture

For a casual shot, how's mine? Cece Fox

Cece Fox's picture

For a casual shot, how's mine?