Bride Drowns During Photoshoot From Heavy Dress

Bride Drowns During Photoshoot From Heavy Dress

Today, during a photoshoot in Canada a bride slipped in less than 1 foot of water. The Photographer attempted to pull her out but the dress became too heavy.  The bride was swept down stream and then pulled under the water. The bride's body was found a few hours later on the bottom of the river. This will come as a complete shock to most wedding photographers because shooting near or even in water is a very common theme these days. 

The photoshoot was taking place near a waterfall and many, including the police, assumed that she fell from the top of the mountain but this is not the case. The photoshoot was taking place at the foot of the waterfall and she fell in less than 1 foot of water. Someone at the scene pointed out "There's not a very strong current there, and not much water. Her dress became full of water. It became too heavy."

I think we can all agree that this tragedy was not anyone's fault and could have happened to any of us. We all  need to remember to be extremely careful when shooting around water, especially during trash the dress sessions. Our hearts go out to the bride's family, husband, and the photographers who did all they could. via DailyMail


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  Try to use your brain, get the real facts and stop spreading lies! She fell in the water by accident.

Very tragic. :( 

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It was not intended to be a TTD. According to the story ( the bride decided she wanted some pics with her in the water. That's when everything went wrong.  

It WAS a TTD. You are reading an article from the UK from something that happened in Canada?? Strange cause all the Canadian News sources listed it as a TTD.

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I've had several requests before to do underwater fashion photography with the model wearing a heavy gown.  I refused to do all such requests because of safety concerns.

It's not unsafe to shot underwater it is just expensive to do it safely.

my prayers go out the groom, her parents and everyone, including other family and friends related to the bride. 


My prayers go out to the families of the bride, the groom, to the photographer and crew and the people on here arguing over what type of shoot it was!!!!

I think people just want to be able to place blame on either her or her photographer. If it was truly a freak accident then they have no one to blame. If it was the result of a TTD shoot gone wrong then they have a whole industry to blame.

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a no swimming area

A tragic accident.  I live nearby and know these falls.  The river loses altitude quickly through this region so while the water looks calm and slow on the surface it can be moving significantly through the deeper areas.   A dress in a slow current is like a big umbrella in the's easy to underestimate the effect it will have.  If anyone wants the 'swimming' shot just pretend in the shallows and be prepared.  Many fit and capable fishermen die every year when their boats overturn and they're wearing waders, or just jeans and rubber boots!  A dress is bigger than these and practically impossible to get out of on your own...

My deepest condolensces to her husband and family....

Looks like the photographer is getting more of the blame now...yet another reason to cover your butt and not let a client do/try something stupid during a shoot.

There was no falling, slipping, cliffs or waterfalls.  She wanted (says the photographer) to have a picture of her swimming and got weighed down and then got pulled by the current into deeper water.

Holy Toledo...what a nightmare for all ......

Wow, this is really sad. I don't think they will be rescheduling this shoot in the near future...

Hope the session is a freebie...

recycled April Fool's, you can do better

Holy shit.