F-Stop Explained by Dylan Bennett

When I clicked on this video, I figured I wouldn't learn a thing. If you're like me, you fully understand how to use the f-stop principle, even if you can't remember where all the numbers came from. I know I've heard all of this before, but it's been years. When I explain f-stop to someone, I don't get quite so mathematical. In this video, Dylan Bennett provides a straightforward and mathematical explanation of f-stop. It's great for those who are just learning the numbers, or if you need to refresh your memory. Go ahead and geek out on the mathematics of photography, y'all.

Via: Picture Correct

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Excellent video. I understood most of this intitutively, but now I am armed with the knowledge on how to clearly explain F-Stop to someone else. Definitely did not know the last thing he mentioned about the diameter of the aperture not being what it is, but how big it looks. Makes it hard to measure.

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cool story bro.

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Turned it off at 4:00

It's a real shame these days that people think it's worth bragging about how unwilling they are to learn.

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 No it's a shame that because technicality has become so overbearing, creativity is lost.  I already know all this shit because I'm a "why and how" type minded person.  But now every time I look through my view finder, instead of seeing art I see nothing but a technical checklist.  It's frustrating.

That started to go over my head very quickly

Well, at least you didn't, say, reference the concept when you named your website, Lee ;) Sorry for the good-spirited ribbing!

and this was the "simple" explanation. 

 Beyond a shadow...I am reconfirmed as right brain biased

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I don't know, the wikipedia page does a better job at explaining. 

It's a great example that you don't need to fully understand something to use it.

But it's freakin' hard to answer someone's question when you don't fully comprehend it!

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Thanks for the tutorial. Great explanation for a complete novice like me.

Nice and well explained!