Fstoppers.com Is Looking For Guest Bloggers

Fstoppers.com Is Looking For Guest Bloggers

Do you have something worth sharing? If so, you should submit a guest blog post to us. Fstoppers.com is currently reaching about 800,000 individual photographers every month and our community would love to hear your voice. Continue reading to learn what we are looking for and how to submit your articles.

Hopefully you guys have noticed that over the last few weeks we've hired even more part-time writers for Fstoppers and we've been focusing on producing more quality original content. We've also decided to allow guest bloggers on board. If you have an idea for a single post, we want you to submit it to us. If we like it we will feature it on Fstoppers.com. We are willing to consider any type of post that you might be interested in but I've made a list below to give you some ideas.

What We Are Looking For
Opinion Pieces
Behind The Scenes Videos (and a writeup)
Image and Text Based Behind The Scenes
News Story
Shooting Techniques

Why Guest Blog?
Obviously the main reason to write an article for us would be your reach. At this point Fstoppers is reaching about 800,000 unique visitors per month and the average quality post gets clicked on at least 10,000 times. Your name will be spread throughout the photography community and you will also gain valuable traffic back to your website which will help your SEO.

How To Submit Your Post
The quickest way to get published would be to submit a complete blog post with included images. (Images must be at least 710 pixels wide) We don't have a word limit however, I would strongly suggest keeping it under 3,000 words. If you are including images that are not yours, we must have permission before we can post them. If we like what we see, we may be able to post it that same day. Keep in mind that the post must be 100% original. This means that you can't publish it on your own personal blog and then expect us to post it as well. If you take the time to write and submit a full blog post, we will do our best to get back to you and explain why we will or will not be publishing it. We reserve the right to edit, add to, or shorten anything that is submitted.

-All images must be 710 pixels wide
-A short bio about yourself (2-3) sentences
-A title (what will capture the readers attention and let them know exactly what the article is about in just one sentence)

Please send all guest blog posts to David@Fstoppers.com.

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I sent one email with an attachment and one with the post pasted in the body of the email is that alright?

Anthony Chopin's picture

This is great news!! I have a couple of shoots coming up that i could definitely shoot some BTS video for and would love to share with you fellow Fstoppers!

Awesome, you'll be hearing from me.

Simon Whitehead's picture

US bloggers only?

Lauren Jonas's picture

this is open to everyone!

Please specify if a guest blogger can be International or not. 

Claude Lee Sadik's picture

I don't see why it couldn't be international? I guess it just needs to be in english? That's a good initiative! 

We can accept guest bloggers from anywhere in the world but at the moment we can only hire those for consistent writing because of our complicated tax laws. 

Andrew Griswold's picture

So great you guys are spreading the reach of the writers to the public. Really excited to see the growth of this site and how you bring out some of the best articles on the web for creatives and photographers. Thanks!!

Would you potentially be interested in a behind the scenes look at an independent video production for a book trailer? It would consist of techniques and equipment used to complete the shoot, footage from the trailer, a description of the entire process, storyboard images, and professional BTS photos that were taken during the shoot. 

Sounds interesting to me. It needs to be interesting, entertaining, or informative and the finished product must be good. 

What are your thoughts on 

Lauren Jonas's picture

Sounds like a good opinion piece.


I am very interested in starting a blog, I have some work done, and I would like to start documenting the BBS. Accept material in Spanish?


Lorenzo P's picture

This is an amazing opportunity, I hope my work is selected to be featured!!! : ) 

Anyone interested by a french photobloger ?


Jason Guy's picture

Quick question. I know you guys want to run the content exclusively, so rather than writing up the blog post in my blog and then sending the link, what format do you guys prefer when reviewing a post? PDF, word document etc.

This post is over 2 years old. At the moment we are asking Fstoppers community members who are consistently uploaded images and content on the groups section.

Jason Guy's picture

Understood. Thank you!

Chelsea Lothrop's picture


I see this post is written long ago, are you still searching for guest bloggers? I'd love to contribute!