Get Three Months Of Flickr Pro For 100% Free; No Strings Attached

As a way to spread some love this holiday season, Flickr has given us all a nice Christmas gift: three months free of Flickr Pro. Just navigate over to this page to claim the free upgrade (or extend your paying subscription by three months at no cost). Pretty kind of them! As a side note, this may be a master plan to pick up some disgruntled Instagram users while the controversy continues to brew. Either way, try it out if you're curious, I still think Flickr is a fantastic service for many reasons.

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Nick Viton's picture

Sweet, thanks for letting me know.   I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.  Just extended my Pro account for the additional 3 months.

viki reed's picture

can I get a holla?!  THANKS!

Wauw this is amazing! Especially downloading your own pictures (cause I lost some). But the gift isn't a full PRO. This is what you get:
Unlimited* uploads (up to 50 MB per photo)
Unlimited viewing of your entire photo library
Post photos in up to 60 groups
Download your original, high-resolution photos – whenever you need them
Upload and play unlimited HD videos 

Puntar_Sandfisher's picture

 What is the difference? I believe these are the same specs as my Pro account I have now.

ad-free and you can't see stats (stats is the most disappointed I think)

George Socka's picture

I got a ficker mail and clicked Yes

RUSS's picture

i clicked the link above, and clicked yes.