Homemade Paper-Cut Silhouettes Create Movie Like Scenes

Photographer, David A. Reeves, captures our imagination with these unique silhouettes that resemble simplified scenes from movies. At first glance, they appear to be pieces of artwork on a digital or traditional medium. However, they turn out to be actual photographs and every element is cut out by hand! 

David even showcases the behind the scenes setup by switching to other angles. You can see each identifiable layer. He uses depth of field in combination with lighting to add dramatic depth to the final image.








Be sure to visit his blog where he has plenty more to check out.

[Via This Is Colossal via David A. Reeves]


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robsydor's picture

very creative, love it

Nicolás Belazaras's picture

The last ones are sooo alike the game Limbo!

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 he creates these scenes from comic books, computer games etc, so yep, it's Limbo

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How creative!! beautiful work!!

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love it!!!

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The ones with the little boy reminds me of Coraline! love them!

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I love these, wow.