Movie Scenes Overlapped With The Same Locations In Real Life

Movie Scenes Overlapped With The Same Locations In Real Life

Blogger and writer, Christopher Moloney, takes memorable scenes from movies and overlaps them with the same location in real life. He prints out the scene in question and physically goes and finds the exact location that it was shot in. He places his hand out in front of him with the print out and overlaps the exact location and takes a shot. The end result is a collection of these great shots that show a contrast between reality and the movie scene itself. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961


Cruel Intentions 1999


Ghost 1990


Ghostbusters 1984


Hollywood Ending 2002


Resident Evil Retribution 2012


The Dark Knight Rises 2012


The Dictator 2012


The Hangover Part II 2011


The Muppets Take Manhattan 1984


The Seven Year Itch 1955


The Smurfs 2011


Vanilla Skye 2001


You’ve Got Mail 1998


These are just the beginning, Christopher has more over at his blog:


[Via Visual News via Christopher Moloney]

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Funny how there's a police car in the background of the Resident Evil Retribution photo. I wonder what happened to him after. lol! Anyhow this is a cool idea!

Nikola Ovcharski's picture

Haha, awesome

I dig this

Anthony N.'s picture

The guy got much better at positioning the photos on his latest ones on the blog

cool idea but... maybe the not best execution... ie maybe taking the time to trim the white off of the prints so they are more seamless 

Anthony N.'s picture

Color prints would be a nice addition too

defiantly cool! I wish he would have cut out the white boarder though! and maybe created a stand for the pictures. =]

Nick Viton's picture

Most of these look like they're in New York.  The Resident Evil Retribution one, however, is in Toronto.  The actual movie image is actually a few blocks south from where he is, at Yonge (the longest street in the world) south of King Street, as seen here .  Christopher's overlap, where the cop car is, is at Yonge and Shuter
...But whatever, close enough.