Photo Overlay Re-Creates Breaking Bad Scenes

Photo Overlay Re-Creates Breaking Bad Scenes

We all know there's some die hard breaking bad fans out there, especially with the impending end of the series. So we thought we'd give you your weekly dose a little early. Recently someone took the Breaking Bad tour of Albuquerque and took some overlay photos that are sure to make you feel like you were there.


The original photos were uploaded to tumblr. If someone knows the original person who took the photos we'd love to give them proper credit.

via [Uproxx]

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Instead of worthless credit how about proper payment for use of photo.

Hi "Guest" please refrain from making comments in the morning before you have your Wheaties. Actually you're probably too young to know where that came from.

Fstoppers doesn't owe anybody money for the photos, they properly linked them from the tumbler account. It's too early for me to think of legal bits but I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong here they credited their source. It is exactly what all these sites do.

Hey "Joey Duncan" (if that is your REAL name) I'm pretty sure guest is suggesting that payment should be issued as common courtesy, More as a change in the policy of the website rather than via any legal obligation.

I understand the desire for that, Chris "IF that's your real name?"
But places like Fstoppers is symbiotic, Fstoppers get content and the person who, under normal conditions, gets exposure. Yes there are magazines that pay but on site like this they don't really work that way. This is the internet, this is how a large majority of online magazines work and it's about the only way it will work. I'm sure the employee who wrote this tiny little article would love to pay the person who took the photos, but that's a totally type of market and it would change the way Fstopper works drastically.

My comment to "Guest" (If that is in fact their real name) was because it comes off with a lack of understanding on how Fstoppers works, and most of the Post Blogs sites....

They can show the images, they don't have to need to pay. If anything they are promoting the images for the creator.

Why is that photographers get all bent out of shape if someone uses a wedding picture that was already paid for on guest's facebook page because they didn't have permission and a copyright is a sacred thing that should ever ever be violated, but they readily use other people's work and pass it off as their own creativity?

What The Funky chicken are you talking about?

I don't think anyone is trying to pass anything off as their own creativity. I think we are fully aware that the overlays are stills from the Breaking Bad TV series.

this show has a special magic for anyone who was raised in the abq ;)

Wow, there's a lot of hate in the room today... Gotta love the internets.

Who exactly should pay for image use? FStoppers? Or the Breaking Bad fan who (presumably) didn't seek permission to use stills from the show?

greg tennyson's picture

Four months later and still no photo credit for the photographer?