Photos Reflecting the Most Ridiculous Laws in the U.S.

Photos Reflecting the Most Ridiculous Laws in the U.S.

Photographer Olivia Locher, mocks some of the most ridiculous laws still in place in the United States with her new photo series, I Fought The Law. From bouncing pickles to kids with wild hair, Olivia leaves us with a satirical giggle. Check out all the other unbelievable laws.

Olivia recently graduated and is working on more projects in NYC. We hope to see her take on all 50 states' odd laws.












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really fine ! Bravo

are these laws made for citizens, or for aliens?

But the Pie is with Cheese! - Not rebellious enough, try again!

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I think it is the wrong cheese used.

The laws are indeed ridiculous, but i think more ridiculous would be the story behind them.

that was posted before if im not wrong.. anyway it´s old ....

I haven't seen it.

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Yep, just getting around to posting it. She added a few new photos to the series, so yes they are new.

Does this mean we have Delaware to blame for the saggy pants thing?

Those laws are hilarious. Great idea!

Are we sure these laws are actually real? I wish once in a while people would include law numbers, so the readers could check their veracity...

re: Wisconsin and cheese: The dairy lobby is very strong. (At one point -- maybe still -- to support the purchase of butter, a restaurant wasn't supposed to put margarine on the table; it could only be given if a customer asked for it:

However, this (law school) source says that the cheese-and-apple-pie law is a myth:

Around here, they coudn't color margarine yellow to "prevent people from getting mixed up"... -_-. Like ANYONE could confuse a brick of butter and a margarine plastic jar...

(It eventually got changed...)

Margarine comes in quarter-pound sticks, too. (But my mom told me that one of her chores -- in 1930s Pittsburgh -- was to break the yellow dye capsule and mix it into the margarine, so it probably came in a crock then.)

Never seen a margarine brick here in Montreal... Makes mote sense now!

Some of them you can see why straight away:

California "no bikes" rule comes most probably from the emergence of bmx's in EMPTY pools...

The logs one are probably to prevent spreading of diseased wood across state lines.

Shouldn't the picture of the apple pie not have the cheese on it? All the other pictures show what the law is saying not to do...

you win. good eye

And I thought the Democrats were only getting Looney since 2006, but apparently, they have been idiots since their founding, lol!