[Pics] 'Ant Tales' - Unbelievable Pictures Of Ants Depicting Fantasy Based Scenarios

[Pics] 'Ant Tales' - Unbelievable Pictures Of Ants Depicting Fantasy Based Scenarios

I feel like I just witnessed an entire Pixar feature film through these set of fantastic images! In the appropriately titled, 'Ant Tales', Photographer Andrey Pavlov created this set using real ants to create a fantasy scenario of what it would be like to be an ant. You can't afford to miss seeing these intricate photographs.

You can see more of his work here:



From Pratik:

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inventive,funny and quite brilliant!

These are really quite awesome...

This is cool and bizzare at the same time.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Maybe I'm in left-brain analytic mode tonight, but... technique and technicalities?

Just a guess: Tripod and plenty of images blended together. It's probably only two ants.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Vision almost always trumps technology... yet he seems to have both  :) And the possibility of only having used 2 ants makes it all the more ambitious.

Absolutely brilliant and a whoooole lotta' post!

 It would be so cool to see af BTS video with this!

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I look at stuff like this and I just yearn to know how it's done!!

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If he's shooting at F22, 160s and macro, he's doing a hell of a job lighting things! I think he's using model train scenery and some sort of ant lure, like honey or something, in tiny quantities to make them stand up and such. He is also a master at removing fishing line or prop stands.

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Brilliant ! Absolutely Brilliant!