[Pics] Garbage Men Convert Dumpsters into Pinhole Cameras

[Pics] Garbage Men Convert Dumpsters into Pinhole Cameras

This is the kind of project that I find exciting, inventive, and...kinda gross. A group of German garbage men are taking some pretty amazing pinhole photos using dumpsters as cameras. They simply drill a hole in the dumpster and expose the image onto a giant sheet of photo paper. Each shot requires about an hour long exposure. They even do all of their own processing. It's called the The Trashcam Project, and you can follow their ongoing progress on Flickr.

Via: This is Colossal


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James Robertson's picture

Crazy, hard to think it's all been done when you see something like this. Definitely inspirational!

I think this is pretty awsome. I really don't see how Gross it really is, they handle those containers filled mainly with bags, and it's part of their job finally, and it's an amazing way to have another point of view of the city. moreover the editing of the scanned sheets is stunning for most of it. and it looks like it's the same clean container each time they are bringing around the place :) not much more cumbersome than a large wetplate camera... albeit less settings :)

killerflakes's picture

A very interesting project, already following it!

Leighton Phillips's picture

I'm speechless. What gorgeous images!