[Pics] One-Hour Exposures of Alpine Nightscapes

[Pics] One-Hour Exposures of Alpine Nightscapes

These stunning nightscapes were captured by German advertising photographer Michael Schnabel. He calls the series “Stille Berge” which is German for "still mountains." The images were taken in the Alps during the dead of night. It was so dark in fact that a one-hour exposure was required. At first glance they look a lot like film negatives, right?

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It feels like Mordor with snow.

Very eerie! I like it!

all of them one hour?? - i'd like to say the clouds say otherwise....

There's no color, and these are incredibly boring.  It's just another gimmick. Really, why are we posting these again?

@ Rafael... and you know how fast those clouds were moving?... lol.