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[Pics] Rarely Seen Behind The Scenes Shots From Star Wars

Behind the scenes shots are always fun, especially when it's from really great movies. You get to see characters in their real element still dressed as their on-screen characters. These images are just awesome. These are rarely seen images of the cast of Star Wars that I am pretty sure you'll enjoy.  

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[Via Dailymail]


From Pratik:

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Epic :)

Christopher Hoffmann's picture


Martin Beebee's picture

Love it!

edwin ortiz's picture

30+ years later and we are still seeing new images pop up all the time is pretty awesome. 

Mr Blah's picture

Leia is really digging the inter-species thing is she... odd.

magic, just love it... HF on the floor laughing and Princess giggling with the StarTroopers are funny ones. :)

Benicio Murray's picture

this is great stuff