[Pics] Shattering Figurines at the Moment of Impact

[Pics] Shattering Figurines at the Moment of Impact

These images of crashing porcelain figurines were created by German photographer Martin Klimas. He set up the camera so that the shutter would be triggered by the sound of the crash. The fighters fell 3 meters (almost 10 feet) to their destruction. The result is dynamic and beautiful. What strikes me the most is that the compositions appear to be so intentional. As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with stop action images of stuff crashing and/or exploding.

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From Amy:

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Great find Amy! Now I want to hit some thrift shops to look for figurines of my own.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Pure vision and style... (and, thankfully, not a single high-iso electron microscope measurement tool in sight)

This is so cool! The figures seems to come to life somehow just before they shatters and ends upp destroyed.  Very creative concept. 


I would have liked to see 360 degree images of these! Kind of a Matrix/Crouching Tiger theme!