[Pics] Stop What You're Doing And Look At Dogs Underwater

[Pics] Stop What You're Doing And Look At Dogs Underwater

Such a simple concept, but executed masterfully by photographer Seth Casteel in this series of images that depicts dogs diving or swimming in water. I love dogs, as I'm sure most of you do, so you definitely want to give these a look.

Apparently this has gone pretty viral, and Seth's site might still be down. (I was having trouble accessing it when writing this) If it's available check out some of his work at LittleFriendsPhoto. Here is a link to a gallery of these dog images on facebook.

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Garth Vg's picture

OK.  That's just plain awesomeness.  LMAO

Awesome and horrifying in a good way all at once!  "Like"!

Jason Peters's picture

Thats frightening 

haha. that's awesomeness!

Sandro Sandrini's picture

I'm loving the lab!

Tomas Ramoska's picture

cool :D

edgygil's picture

...I don't do Facebook. Pity.

Beautiful, hysterical, just love it!!!

J'adore !!

Yes this is awesomeness