[Pics] Superheroes And Cartoon Characters Living In The Real World

The economy has taken a toll for our wonderful comic book superheroes and cartoon characters. Benjamin Bechet captures a series with this theme in mind. He places them in menial jobs and hard pressed situations in life making them more relatable. I wonder if this is what they meant by the epic conclusion of the Dark Knight? In a way these are both humorous yet serious in subject matter.

[Via Benjamin Bechet]


From Pratik:

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James McCall's picture

 What "menial job" is Snow White supposed to be portraying? She seems to be turning tricks to me.

 I thought the same thing when I first saw it.

Goofy is so thug 

Batman isn't doing too bad. He just upgraded his bat mobile. 

 Oh wait.. he's just pumping. That's not his ride.. Poor guy. :(

Interesting idea. :)

so doing an emulation set of these, with a spin of course ... 

nothing new here, yeah its a great idea and i like the pictures, great work, but DULSE PINSON made these   
years ago.

batman must be living in oregon these days

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Thanks for sharing this guys work

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It looks a lot like Dulces Pinzon proyect call The Superheroes, dont know wich one went out first but heres  the work i mean:

dulce pinson made these about 3 to 4 yeras ago

As mentioned by Alejandro and Jorge, this reminds of Dulce Pinzon. I've posted on the Huffington post blog because I think that some of the credit for the concept should be give to Pinzon. 
Bechet's is a good project, no question. However it should be pointed out that Mexican artist Dulce Pinzon created a brilliant body of work as early as 2005 titled "Superheroes". Visually, stylistically and conceptually Béchet's "I'm Winnie The Pooh" shares so much resemblance with "Superheroes" (http://www.dulcepinzon.com/superheroes.htm) that one might be forgiven for attributing the two photographic series' to the same artist. Now I might be wrong with but considering that "superheroes" was published 7 years before the above work, it would seem fair to reference the artist who initially came up with the concept for these images by Bechet, that have been posted all over the internet in the pat few days. Neither here nor on Bechet's website has a word been mentioned about that project which clearly served as inspiration of some (all?) sort for the featured project. Lastly, I strongly recommend checking out Dulce's work "Superheroes". I find it more powerful than the "Winnie" project. Reason for it is that the former is set in the USA, while the subjects in the costumes are real Mexican Immigrants. Most of the depicted superheroes are a creation of American popular culture and media, and this creates a great tension. This project shows the way that American society has become accustomed to and relies on the work provided by these Immigrant, without openly acknowledging this dependency. And it makes you think about American values, American pride and the reality of National Identity.

What do you guys think?