[Pictures] Man Babies - Comedic Images Of Parent and Child Role Reversals

Although the concept of man babies is not new, talented photographer Paul Ripke does it even better. The execution, style, and overall effect is pretty hilarious. Here's some comedic relief for you this weekend. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the concept is pretty apparent from the images. It's essentially a role reversal done in Photoshop after the shoot itself. If these were real, you couldn't ever argue that your baby isn't mature enough. I'm glad they aren't real, though, otherwise there would be an entirely different discussion going on!

Enjoy the set!

[Via Retronaut]


From Pratik:

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Excellent compositing skill here. How is that excellent background achieved though. That's what I'd like to know.

Brooke Mathews's picture

The one with the kid and the soccer ball seem extra odd. I don't know how a kids that small is standing up...... kind of just looks like a shrunken adult.

Christian Kreutzmann's picture

The pictures are great but you should bear in mind that the postproduction was done by POP (http://www.pop-postproduction.com/) and as good post-skills obviously were quite important to achieve this look it's also important to mention those guys.

George Quiroga's picture

A bit frightening and freakishly bizarre but hilarious and well done! Great concept and execution.