Shooting Toys in Place of People: "ToysR'JustLikeUs"

Shooting Toys in Place of People: "ToysR'JustLikeUs"

Too often I find myself frustrated when I want to shoot but I don't have access to a model. Like many photographers I get hung up on the idea that I need to have the professional model, the studio, the stylist, the MUA and when I don't have those things I render myself incapacitated. Not a problem for Santlov and his series ToysR'JustLikeUs, where toys are depicted living our lives and loves. Check out these shots I pulled that show toys engaged in photography.

via [WallToWatch]

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Andrew Barros's picture


This is really dope. I wonder how the photo manipulation worked for making the camera gear seem smaller. 

Abe Robinson's picture

this is killer much love

raymund's picture

where can we buys this miniture dslrs?

Will Binks's picture

Yes, where did he get the 5d dslr? I need it!

Walle is just like me... he forgot to take his lenscap off! ;)