Things You Should Avoid When Taking Selfies

The "selfie" has become an epidemic. Satire news reports have recently even referred to it as a certifiable mental disorder, but sadly, many of us (including myself) can't see that far from an actual reality. The compulsion to selfie has effected most of us since the advent of popular social media platforms. Our friends at Digital Rev have put together a helpful video on what to avoid when taking self-portraits with your favorite digital device. See below for some self portraits from our Fstoppers staff.

Below are selfies of some of the Fstoppers staff. Post some of yours in the comment section! : 858684_10152458981564703_7158721645064657021_o

90's Noam Galai (adorable)


Mike Wilkinson


Dani Diamond (epic)


Sarah Lee Williams (lovely)


Clay Cook


John White


Aaron Brown


Lauren Elizabeth Jonas


The above 2 photos are of my pit bull Emma and myself.

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Nice polaroid selfie AB.

Aaron Brown's picture

... just a tad bit over-exposed. #AnalogSelfieProblems

Lauren's is totes appropes for today. Happy Cinco de Mayo selfie day!

Bob Bell's picture

Dani's ftw! Lol

Bob Bell's picture

Dani's ftw! lol
Here's me at my best

Aaron Brown's picture

I need that Costanza shirt!

Bob Bell's picture

Search Akomplice Costanza, but be's powerful stuff :D

Douglas Sonders's picture


ugly fucks....