Who Is Waiting Until The Last Minute?

We are currently in the middle of a contest where we are giving away a Canon 7D or Nikon D300s to the creator of the best behind the scenes video. So far we have not had very many submissions but I keep talking to people who tell me that they are still editing their video but it will be in by the deadline (August 1). How many people are waiting until the last minute? You now have exactly 2 weeks to finish. If you are planning to submit a contest entry please leave a comment below with a little info about the type of video you are creating.

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I am making a BTS of a fashion/product shoot made using only one light (plus modifiers). The light is an off-camera strobe and the product is an exciting new mobile phone from Mottorolla. Must I be American citizen to winning?

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Nope, anyone from anywhere can submit!

it`s me again. I wasn't able to organize an outdoor shooting... I know an Amazing photographer, but I have no car and no money at this moment to drive to a cool place I know of... and I so wanted to enter the contest because I So want one of those cameras ! ! ! did you consider the possibility of extending the deadline to 1 or 2 more weeks? that would be sooooo nice... Thank You! :)