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The World's Largest Holga Camera

My Holga is currently sitting on top of my desk, collecting dust. But the folks from Photographic Works/ArtsEye Gallery in Tucson would never let that happen.  They are so passionate about the toy camera that they constructed the world's largest Holga. This thing is twenty times the size of a regular Holga, and squeezes tightly into a two-horse trailer. They initially started building it to be a prop for a toy camera exhibit.  But then it occurred to them that it could easily be made to be a usable camera. Because no film is large enough for this thing, they expose the images onto 30"x30" photographic paper. See some of their results below!



© Lorraine DarConte

© Lorraine DarConte

© Lorraine DarConte

© Francois Robert

© Francois Robert

© Francois Robert

Via: PDN

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Michael Whay's picture

Geez what does a sheet of 30x30 cost,lol. Pretty cool though.

Michael Zinfandel Rork's picture

That is some intense vignetting!

Cippo Faccia Da's picture

I really think that the result is not worth the trouble

Jaron Schneider's picture

There is no fun in you sir.

Rodrigo Villicaña's picture

Agree with Jaron

Guillermo Guerra's picture

 If all the people think like you, there will be no photography, no art, no people in the world.

That is so freakin' awesome!! I want to shoot with it!! :D

Arturo Mieussens's picture

Huge light leaks...

Ha, that's funny. Anyone up to do some street photography with this thing? It should be fun and I'd like to see security come by saying "you can't take pictures here, sir"

Simon Bjakov Munch's picture

 i must say. its useless..... just because you can do it... dosnt mean that you should, or that the result is will be nice.
to be honest... the pictures are not sharp, they are not balance, and the rule of third is foggotten.
now i know many will say that good pictures dosnt come from, sharpness, collor coretion, highlight warnings, and right composed pictures.... true.... but look at the pictures again and say..... are the subjects interesting??? a cow? a plain straight bridge, and something i dont know what is? silo's??

i know the idea sound fun because its something we NEVER have seen before.....
well... anyone remember 911?? New York?? there was takken almost 300 photos in live size polaroids.
9foot by 4foot thats (3mx1,33m matrix) polaroids sheets. by Joe McNally
just search for Face's of Ground Zero.
its a hole lot more impressive.
just saying.