Yu Yamauchi Camps Out On Mt. Fuji For Over 600 Days And Captures The Sunrise

I have a hard time determining what's more amazing, the beauty of these images or the fact that photographer, Yu Yamauchi, camped out over 600 days on Mt. Fuju capturing these images? He took these images in same approximate spot, near the summit. It's astonishing how stunning and unique each shot looks. 

It's important to note that he did not stay up there for 600 days in a row. Rather, it was over a span of four years, where he spent a few months at a time to accomplish the total number of days. When you can see such a changing view with each sunrise, it's not hard to look forward to the next morning.

The series, DAWN, is currently available for viewing at the Miyako Yoshinaga gallery in New York from now through November 21, 2012.

Yu Yamauchi expresses,

This space, “above-the-clouds,” exists far from the ground where we live our daily lives. It is also a space between the earth and the universe. Being there simply reminds me of the face that we live on the earth which is a planet within an infinite space of the universe.

Changing shapes with every second, the clouds look like a membrane of the earth. When the sun rises behind a cloud-forming horizon, the world pained in only blue before suddenly and completely looking different. I witnessed many times this magical transformation.












You can see the rest of the series here: http://www.yuyamauchi.com/works/yoake/

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Jon-Mark Wiltshire's picture

Terrible processing, ruins the images.

Nic Brindell's picture

most of these look like instagram shots, very noisy :(


RUSS's picture

The man's dedication is commendable.
But the pictures, it Seems the popular thing now is to make photos look like the photos did in the early 1970s?
Which to me, looked like shit. (That's my opinion though, your mileage may vary)
To me i think it looks cheesy/crappy.
To spend that much time in such a inhospitable place, wouldn't you want your photos to be AMAZING looking? Awe inspiring? To be of the highest quality possible?
In my personal opinion, they don't look any better than an iphone processed picture of someone's dinner posted on facebook.
If I had the chance i'd go view them on the walls of the showroom and maybe get a different opinion of them. Because quite frankly, viewing them on the web may not do them justice.
But for now, that's where I stand on these.


Grey Chen Junyang's picture

there's no context... they could've been taken from an aircraft window and I'd not be able to tell the difference. where's Mount Fuji in the 600 days?

Jens Marklund's picture

Well, he camps on Mount Fuji - so he can't really shoot it.

Ted Gore's picture

there are still features on the mountain that could have been used to frame the scene and offer context. I agree, these mostly look like instagram shots from an airplane 

Alexandre Marques's picture

These images are beautiful and they are intended to convey emotions and mood not "reality" or to be descriptive in the most literal sense of the word. Its not about being technically perfect. Life isn't perfect.