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Unicorn Club

June 13, 2014

Commercial shot for an e-cigarette company's ad.

35mm · f/6.3 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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Anonymous's picture

haha, awesome job!

Aku Pöllänen's picture

Thank you Levi!

Braulio Suarez's picture

like your work!!! best regards from Argentina!!!

Aku Pöllänen's picture

Thanks Braulio! Your work is amazing too! Greetings to Argentina from Finland!

Tsuriel Eichenstein's picture

Love the tones!

Stevie Chris's picture

haha really dig this!

Andrew Yianne's picture

EPIC portrait! Awesome idea and great posing!

Aku Pöllänen's picture

Thank you Andrew!

Mark Fore's picture

I love the color pallet you used here, the post processing is great!

Aku Pöllänen's picture

Thanks a lot mark!

David Vaughn's picture

I want this as a print in my living room. It's just great. What was this for exactly? Just wanting to try something different? :)

Aku Pöllänen's picture

Haha thanks David! No actually I shot this for an finnish e-cigarette company. You can see the logo of the company on the forehead of the unicorn. We actually shot series of these photos but unfortunately the other ones haven't been published yet so can't put them here:)

David Vaughn's picture

Oh crap, sorry, I didn't even see the description stating it was for an e-cig company. :P

Very cool stuff all the same!

Aku Pöllänen's picture

Hehe no problem man! And thanks one more time

Kristoffer Sandven's picture

That's hilarious, Aku :D

Aku Pöllänen's picture

hah thanks kristoffer!

Kristjan Järv's picture

Haha, this is great. How was this shot/composited if I may ask? Looks like there's a bit of CGI thrown in there.

Aku Pöllänen's picture

Thanks Kristjan! This was actually shot just by using double exposure. Plus some small parts from other images. Could have made this with just one photo but because the room we were shooting at was quite small and had white walls it was hard to get that dark and moody atmosphere I wanted when using stobes. So that's why I shot the background separately without the strobes.

What comes to the character, the model was wearing a unicorn mask (which was sadly a bit cheap looking). With some Photoshop I was able to fix the cheap looking mask and blend it into the picture. There was actually quite lot work there with the nostrils and all. To make the cigar look like it's burning I shot burning cigar outside and composited just the head of the cigar to the cigar we had shot on scene. I also added the smoke in post. Besides that I only used some basic D&B techniques and such.

Kristjan Järv's picture

Wow, was not expecting that. Great work!