Heather by Chris K.
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December 2, 2015

Model: Heather Hogrefe
MUAH: Michelle Leilla
Location: Miami Shores, FL
Dress: Faith & Lace

So this photo/set was done for a publication and this particular set I didn't send for submission so the MUA, myself, model could use a couple of the photos from this evening in our ports instead of waiting several months after-so in the future I might post some more photos from this shoot (I'd say some of the best work I've done in a while now) Anyway down to the lighting:

Key: 86" PLM with diffusion sock just off camera left, very centered
RIM Lights: Camera right-you can tell pretty much where it is by the flare (yes it was intentional), between a pool full of dry ice just off camera left and a fog machine with a lot of wind I wanted more of the background filled so I let that rimlight flare to fill in some space. That strobe had a high output reflector and a cyan ctb. Camera left there was a strobe with a 10"x36" softbox
Backlights: To get the fog visible you have to light it like rain... it's all in the backlighting. Camera right had a strobe right next to that rimlight with the same cyan ctb but pointed toward where the smoke would be and half of the palm tree in the background and not on the model. Camera left I had two more strobes, one with a 1 stop ctb focusing primarily on the smoke. And next to that a strobe with a 1/2 CTO on the other half of the palm tree in the background.

The three lights in the shot were street lights and I had my shutter slower then usual to get them visible.
Sometimes you just have to get lucky when shooting with a smoke machine and dry ice while shooting outdoors... especially on a windy night (my key blew over a couple times during this shoot) so make sure to have plenty of sandbags!

85mm · f/2.0 · 1/100s · ISO 50
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