Christmas Fashion by Chris K.
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Christmas Fashion

December 11, 2015

Model: Kayla Tague
MUAH: Michelle Leila
Location: Miami Shores, FL

The location we were shooting at this day had a 15' Christmas tree, I figured to definitely use it for this red fashion set with Kayla.

Lighting: Key was off camera right, it had a 86" PLM umbrella. I figured that this was a more fashion lookI wanted a little bit more shadows, it was positioned roughly at 4 o'clock. Camera left I positioned my 6'x8' California Sunbounce for fill.
Rim Lighting: I just had a strobe on camera left, it had a 10"x36" softbox and 1/2 stop CTO.
Back Light: I wanted a very natural and subtle light to keep some detail in the background. So I bounced a strobe into a collapsable 52" reflector (the soft side) that light then passed through a "Lee Opal Frost Diffusion Filter" roll-or a "book light".

Also I warmed up the WB by about 400K to give the image an overall warm feel

85mm · f/1.8 · 1/40s · ISO 50
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She is so sexy