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Natural Lighting or Strobes? with Rebecca

January 2, 2016

Model & Makeup: Rebecca Carter
Location: Coral Springs, FL

So is this picture Natural Lighting or all Strobes???

Well this was taken just after the sun went down so it was all strobes-but I wanted to give a very daylight-natural lighting feel to this picture. So here's how I did that with Playboy model Rebecca:

Key light: My key was just off camera left and was "booklit" I bounced the strobe into the soft side of a 4'x6' California Sunbounce, then that light passed through a roll of half soft frost diffusion-actually to cover the size of the Sunbounce I placed two rolls of diffusion next to each other to create a huge source of light for the key (together it was 12'x8'). To me this is the softest way to modify your lighting-and since the light is bounced and diffused it takes a ton of light to pull off.

Rimlighting: Strobe with 11" Long Throw Reflector with 1/2 stop CTO

Backlights: All my backlights also had a 11" Long Throw Reflector and 1/4 stop CTO wanted everything a bit warmer then my Key but not as much as my Rim Light (and because I didn't bring enough gels to cover all my backlights).
This was taken in the front porch of the house and between each pair of columns I placed a strobe so 4 strobes total. They were all metered about 1 stop over my Key-to give it a very natural feel. I added two more backlights pointed at the trees way in the background, one with a 1/4 stop CTO and one without.

I did make the shadows a bit more apparent with dodging/burning-even for my taste it was originally too soft on Rebecca.

130mm · f/4.0 · 1/125s · ISO 80
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Awesome use of creative lighting..

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do front view ethier way it is a good picture

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